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Hi everyone this is my special day because I have been with my new family for two weeks. I have been worrying about this day because I thought I may have to leave my family like I did when I was at my fosterer. But yipppeeee am still here and they Love me and given me lots of lovely things. Today mummy  made me my own Indoor Cat Garden especially for ‘ME’ Miaow mummy Purrrrrrrrrr. Have got a pot of Cat Grass and there is something in this long pot but I don’t know what is in there but am sure I will know soon, must be a surprise.


This is my ‘Treatie’ Box but it is only half full because I have eaten the best ones first, have got lots of Dreamies in all different flavours but my favourite is the long sticks which taste of Salmon and Trout and Chicken and Liver. Hopefully if I am a good girl mummy and pappy will get me some more Miaow Mioaw Purrrrrrrr xxx


Mummy who’s this cat in the picture, it looks very happy and why has it got it’s eyes closed?

Well you see Princess Daisy this is Catmint, special mint for cats, this plant is grown and all the cat toys are filled with the dried leaves and flowers, which you enjoy when you play with your toys. Mummy and pappy got some seeds to grow some for you so can enjoy rolling around and eating it and mummy will make some special toys for you to little one.

Thank you my mummy and pappy I Love You xxx

Can we have siesta and go to lie down and sleepies…

24052013975   24052013974


Sleepies Z Z Z z z z z z z

After Sleepies mummy prepared a special dinner for me of freshly poached white fish with geen bean and carrot with a very little of the poaching liquid (skimmed milk and butter) and eat it all up and licked my bowl clean and was very contented and happy pussy cat Daisy is my name. Thank you very much my mummy and pappy for such a lovely fun day and making my special day so special I Love You xxx



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