I always thought that the correlation between crocheters and cats was just a myth, until I started to realize that a lot of my crochet friends have cats. Even I have a cat! Is it just a coincidence or do most crocheters have a cat? Maybe cats are just popular to have as a pet. Or perhaps, crocheters are more fond of a cat companion since they both like yarn. Let’s have an experiment to find out once and for all if there really is a correlation between cats and crocheters! This is by far, not a real scientific experiment, but will sure be fun to take part in.

So the question is, are you a crocheter? And do you have a cat? Leave a comment to share!

‘Okay, I think am gonna hand you over to Daisy May to answer this one, bless…

Hi I’m Daisy May and I am 10 years old puss cat with a mind and spirit of a 6 year old. I am a black and white short-haired puss cat and I love my cuddles and affection as much I give my Mummy and Pappy. They love me very much. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

My mummy loves to crochet and my pa helps to untangle the knots. I love it when my mummy crochet so I can play mouse which is so much fun and only cats and kittens can play. My mummy is crocheting a Cat blankie for me and I try to help. When the yarn moves and catches my eye, I size it up get ready to pounce on my mouse with my paws and grab the yarn in my mouth and take into the other room and rub my face into it and is covered with dribble, with my mummy at the other end crocheting the square pretty coloured squares. But my mummy is not best pleased, but I know she loves me very much because mummy is making a Blankie for me.


Catgan/Blankie same size as a normal pet blanket this being 15 x 8inch squares

24052013995   24052013996

My mummy gave me the first the first crochet square to play and sleep with

when I catnap and sleep at night…

I have also asked my mummy if she could crochet more blankie’s and toys for all the lost and homeless cats and kittens who are left to be rescued by the kind and devoted people at the Rescue place. Because I was maltreated by my previous owner and was given to Cat Protection, I had lost most of my fur and was overweight, over-groomed and my hygiene needs were not met. I was very unhappy and very sick. The doctor saw me and started me on a new diet and had to take two of my teeth out. I was very scared, but the nice people looked after me and showed me love and that they cared and I started to trust humans again. I had to see the doctor again and he was treating me and giving me medicine. Eventually I started to feel better and was eating properly and was getting braver and started liking where I was. But I was yearning for a proper loving and secure family and home. When I was so much better I was taken to a foster home so I could get used to being with people again. My fosterer was called Tabitha. Two weeks later there was a knock on the door and these two people came into the room, I was scared but inquisitive all at the same time, thinking to myself “Am I coming Home with you?” After a long while the lady started to give me cuddles and I liked it so much and she started giving me treats that were my favourite. Whilst the man talked with Tabitha and they signed some papers. “Does that mean that someone loves me and want to adopt me into their family?” Because they brought a box with them which had a gate thing on it that I recognized from the Cat rescue place. Then Tabitha my fosterer took the camera out and tried to take some pictures of me but I was too excited’ The time came that Tabitha tried to get me to go in the box that I didn’t like at all really, because it to small and it mean’t that I maybe going back the doctors again. But no, the nice lady and man came with me and we got on a giant box with wheels and when moved it almost made me sick, stopping and starting. But I knew that the nice lady and man where holding on to the box I was in, and they were talking to me making sure I was alright.

After a while the bus stopped and the nice lady and man took hold of the box I was in and carried us a little way and it suddenly got warm and we were inside somewhere. They opened the door to a big room and put my box down and opened the door. All I wanted to do to was to come out of the box and investigate where I was. I found a litter box and there were dishes with some food and some water. I started feeling excited that I wanted to explore my new surroundings. My new Mummy and Pappy got me a new bed and all new toys and lots of the grass I like and a scratching post as well. Mummy and Pappy sat down and I was so happy that I rolled around and jumped up on their laps and lots and lots of cuddles and they Love me so very much as much as I love Them too. They even let me sleep on their big soft bed that makes me feel secure. They have a room where I can watch the birdies and butterflies, I can’t catch the birdies but I dream of how many I can fit in my mouth in one go. Now my dream has come true I now have a very happy family , mummy and pappy and I am so happy in my new HOME. I LOVE YOU XXX

I ask you all if you also love crocheting and have a puss cat like me please could you help the Cat Rescue Places who look after the lost and homeless and unhappy cats and kitties and help to make their dreams come true of a happy family and new mummy and pappy as there are thousands who need just as much a new Loving and Secure HOME. To give your support and crochet lots of blankies and toys and f want to do more you can contact the Cats Protection and the Blue Cross


Thank you for reading my story and for your support and Happy Crocheting…

Daisy May – Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Written by Daisy May and Edited by my Mummy & Pappy Copyrighted (c) 26/05/2013


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