25052013999   250520131001

This where I watch my birdies and the butterflies everyday I have a special furry soft blankie to sit on the windowsill. Mummy sown some cat grass on my Poubelle de Table which was my Nana’s.


On the other windowsill where I sit mummy has sown some Carrot Fern of I can chew or nibble on when I want to which helps my digestion.

25052013997   25052013998

Mummy has been busy today getting these pots ready for some new herb plants special herbs for cats to chew on and nibble I can’t wait to taste them. And there’s a picture of my Great Nana she looks like a lovely lady. Like my mummy. The sun is out today and very warm so I sat in the bay-window a lot and warmed my fur and feel lovely and relaxing watching the butterflies and the birdies and the children playing.

And Mummy made me a new crochet cat toy mouse stuffed with my favourite catnip, which looks like a pigglet, but I love my new toy, Thank you Mummy. I Love You xxx


Thank you mummy I Love You. I loge my new toy you crocheted for me especially, purrrrrrrr purrrrrrrr rub my face all over it and dribbling all over my new mouse. I love to play hunt the mouse, Grab it with my paws and throw it in the air and pounce on it when it lands as my bum wiggles as I watch it come down to land so I get ready to pounce on my mouse. Then I grasp it with my paws and kick it fast with my back legs to make sure it doesn’t get away and the kill. Thank you mummy and pappy I Love You xxx


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