Hello everyone, I woke up this morning after sleepies on my mummy and pappy’s lovely soft bed, I was woken up by a big, big bird at the window which really frightened me, I was frozen to the spot because I thought thus giant bird was going to come after me. But my mummy and pappy could see and knew how frightened I was. My mummy and pappy said these big birds are called Pigeons, and pappy calls them Skyrats because they eat everything and they can cause many horrible diseases to humans and animals, which frightens me even more. Mummy tried to reasure me and gave me lots of cuddles whilst pappy knocked the window loudly to frighten the big Pigeon away, which it did fly away very quickly which made me feel not so frightened any more. I gave both my mummy and pappy lots of love miaows and purrrrs nudging them and purrrrrrrrrring for cuddles lots of cuddles. Mummy and pappy gave me lots of my favourite treats because I was a very good cat, and my name is Daisy May, and I Love My Mummy and Pappy very much, ws they Love me as much. PURRRRRRRRRRRS XXXX

I was so tired today after the Pigeon experience that made me so sleepie so I spent most of my day aleep in my soft cosy bed with Mollie Mouse and snuggly cuddly dreamies. 

When I woke up mummy was making dinner it smelt good so I got up and had a lovely stretch and sat there in front of the oven watching mummy, I don’t know what kind of meat it was but it smelt yummmy ‘I do hope mummy gives me some in my bowl?’ Yes, she did a bowl with some cooked pasta, carrots, peas and it was Lamb mmmmmmmmmm yummmmy I licked my bowl almost clean, it was so good that I left some in my bowl for later, thank you mummy, I Love You.

After dinner mummy and pappy were watching a movie on the telly and I jumped up by Pappy and got comfortable and slept a while I was so sleepie.

Its been a tiring day and its all catching up with me so much has happened over the last two weeks, I have moved into my lovely Loving HOME with my new Mummy and Pappy and I have met lots of other new people which was a bit scary and and fun at the same time. All these emotions and new things has been a bit overwelming for me and for my mummy and pappy, we need to catch up with all our sleepies. But one thing I know that Mummy and Pappy Love me as much I Love them and I am so very Happy in my new Home. Contented Pussy Cat, Daisy is my name. XXX


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