Hello everyone, today was a very special day firstly after my being frightened by the nasty pigeon yesterday, my mummy saw that I was feeling restless and frightened that the nasty pigeon would come back and sit on that funny box where the birdies feed from. Mummy and pappy took the bird feeding box down and put a small one up. I was so glad because it made me feel very unsure about going back up on that window sill again. But I did it! Look Mummy and Pappy I did it! I jumped up to the window sill and tried to paw the small tray thingy attached to the window, but it was outside. Mummy put some kind of food out for the birdies and put a hanging thing up higher, which swings round the birdies feed from. So now I can watch the birdies from my favourite places in this room.

Mummy and Pappy gave me lots of my favourite treaties today for being such a brave and good girl. Thank you, I Love You xxx

I am very sleepie and snuggled up between Mummy and Pappy when we all had siesta which we all needed today. 

After siesta the talking box rang and mummy started talking to it, she might have been talking to someone but I didn’t know, but a few minutes later another ringing noise happened and mummy went to the door and let a nice lady in. I wasn’t scared this time and was very curious to know who it was. The nice lady was very nice and she gave me lots of cuddles and took a photo of me, I hope my fur was shiny and my bum wasn’t too big but I liked it mummy very much. ‘Mummy who was the nice lady?’ Well little one the nice lady is your Auntie Joanne, she wanted to come and see you and to see mummy and pappy. Awwwww mummy when can I see my Auntie Joanne again, because I like her very much and she gave my favourite treats. My name is Daisy may and I Love you Auntie Joanne xxx

After my Auntie Joanne had to go it was my tea time and I had my usual food which comes out of a packet which tasted like Chicken today. I was very sleepie and fell asleep in my soft bed with Mollie Mouse, whislt mummy and pappy watched telly and had their tea. Mummy let me have a little bit of hers mmmmmm was chicken and it tasted a bit my spicy than normal it was very nice. Thank you mummy. After mummy and pappy had their dinner and watching the movie I jumped up by pappy and sleepie for the rest of the evening. 

To be continued…


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