Hello Everyone, today is my rest day, relaxing in my favourite bay window in the beautiful sunshine catching the sun rays and vitamin D my skin needs. Thank you mummy and pappy for taking my through a very stressful day I must say…I Love you so very much my mummy and pappy Purrrrrrrr Purrrrrrr  >^^< 

Ohhhhhh Daisy May you have been such a beautiful and brave girl look what pappy has made for you from you Mummy & Pappy because we Love You so very much our

Princess Daisy May   ♥ >^♡^< ♥

  Worlds Bravest Puss Cat 28 June 2013

♥  >^♥^< 



I hereby decree that this certificate is awarded to:


whose recognition for bravery above & beyond the call of duty in

[Your Visit to the Vet]

entitles her to bear the pre-fix of “PRINCESS” to her name.

Signature J Christian & L Feeney                       Date 28th June 2013.

♥  >^♥^< 



Hello Everyone, my eye is really irritating and weeping and running mummy can I go to see my doctor please mummy? 😦


Yes little one we have already brought your appointment forward this morning because you also had an upset tummy to because you couldn’t keep your breakfast down, I know your nerves have been shot to because you have been worrying and we are too. Okay Daisy Mummy and pappy are just getting ready so its time for you to go into your carrier and we will catch the bus this morning for you, yes the big box with wheels with lots of people in and they will all ask about you too and want to know what is wrong bless you little one. It will just be a five minute ride on the bus.

Well Daisy May we are here and in we go and hopefully the doctor won’t be long okay Little One.

1. We managed to change the vet appointment to 10am this morning. The main vet saw us this morning, who took one look at saw Daisy May’s poor coat which was indeed growing back since the 11th May 2013. She is a lot better since we adopted her from the Cat Protection in Southampton on the 11/05/2013, and the CP vet says that Daisy was getting better, but this vet at Stable Close tried to tell us about Food Allergy and Flea Allergy in such a condescending away. We are not at all happy with this vets condescending and arrogant manner, or should I say his bedside manner sucks, who tried to to blame us for letting her get into such a poor state a she is in, God Bless. We tried to explain to him that this was not our doing and that we had followed exactly what the CP Vet had commented on Daisy’s previous vet’s notes we were given on her adoption. Which states that she was still under investigation for possible allergies and to make an appointment to go her new vet for her 2nd CP vaccination after the first 3-4 weeks, which we did on Saturday 1st June2013
2. At no time did Helen the vetinary nurse say anything related to Daisy’s allergies or diet. In fact had we explained how we adopted Daisy May in this state and that we had no past history at all and that Helen was impressed how well we are looking after Daisy and if it was alright to hive Daisy half her own conventional food and omitting two of her meals a week for especially prepared meals a week. Helen had nothing at all to say about Daisy ‘s food allergy. So we continued her new feeding regime acorrding to the Helen saw and agreed to. Helen gave Daisy an injection and suggested that we give her a  ‘Spot-on’ for fleas,  incase of allergy. And she said that Daisy would need a ‘spot-on’ each month to put on her neck for rest of her life, which is fair enough as fleas can come from anywhere she would only need one. We will save up to get the appropriate flea collar which would last 7 months and would be cheaper in the long run.
3. We had to call the vet secretary at the counter/desk to clarrify what the vet had said concerning Daisy’s new diet which we needed to start as soon as possible for the next 6-8 weeks and to note the difference. As the vet stipulated that it extremely important that a cat’t diet should bybequal amounts of PROTEIN & CARBOHYDRATE which she has not been having as far as we know even with Daisy’s previous owner nor her Fosterer before us. So the vet stipulated that we feed Daisy one protein being fish, chicken, rabbit or lamb with rice at day, as long as it is one flavour so to speak,  but all the time not to mix up different flavours. RICE being the Carbohydrate indeed. So we have taken this on board and to addapt to this new regime.

No other symptoms. Eating well, no loss of appetite. Stools fine, firm good colour, once or twice a day. Pass urine twice to three times daily. Drinking some water. Semi-Moist Food.

We will see, God Bless you our baby girl Daisy May.

4. We need to start Well Pet Plan at Stable Close Vet. £10.50 per month, direct debitthat we discussed with the vet, that was fine until we came to finish our consultation  which was 15minutes, which by the way cost £24.00 ouch! The toal fee was just over £60 ouch that was ouch as we only took £40.00 with us some of that was for bus’ fare to vets, the remaining probably an antibiotic or something so we thought. But Daisy had a steroid injection for her allergy symptoms. We only had £38 on us, itvwas so embarrassing, if we had known we would drawn enough money  out. She let us off the remaining £1.50 as the total was about £39.50. Even though we will return we the remittance owed when we have it. The vet came out to say that we didn’t to have the flea collar we could just have a spot-on instead, until we could afford to get thd flea collar. So thats what we did indeed.

5.  We had to give the receptionist all the money we had so we had to walk home, she was concerned as she knew that we had pain in our backs and my neck by this tme. We eventually got home and I was near to tears because of the way the vet had spoken to us. Actually blaming us for the loss of hair etc…and when we rang back to confirm what the vet had said, because he spoke like a total doctor like manner, when just wanted him to tell how to look after Daisy’s new diet in laymans terms. Even she said we knew that Daisy had a skin condition/allergy. But as I said to her that no we didn’t know as the previous doctors previous notes/ comments said that her skin condition was under investigation and treatment. So we had followed exactly whatvse had to do when we adopted Daisy May.

6. After we got back we sorted out all her food pouches and took the pouches out and put them in their boxes and labeled so we knew which ones to give her until she runs out of one flavour until the next. Before we left the vets, the receptionist suggested that in our financial cicircumstances that if we were claiming houseing benefits and or council tax benefit  that we would be eligible for help from the local PDSA so when we got home with Daisy we let her out of her box and we had a few tears and cuddles and had a mug of coffee and settle for a while, we were all exhausted and slept a while. Poor little Daisy was so very tired, bless you. Praise the Lord that Daisy was not serious.


7.  After our cat-nap and refreshed we searched online for then PDSA to find a telephone to ring them for advice and how to register and apply Daisy May with the PDSA, but we were totally shocked and so was the veterinary receptionist to know that in fact the PDSA will not register any cats who have ongoing treatment.  Because Daisy has an ongoing skin condition they refuse to rgister her at PDSA. So now we are forced to use our local vet nd have to find the extortionte costs which we have not got. But the Lord will find a way for the money to be available when needs be as he always does. It just seems that everything is going against us and poor little Daisy who it is going to effct in the long run. We rang the vet receptionist to let her know and said to inform the Cat Protection where you adopted Daisy from and they should be able to help, and she said it seems to be that Daisy should not have been released form adoption until they had actually addressed her skin condition and allergies before hand because her condition is going to cost a lot of money through the ongoing years. And we are not at happy about this either, because we no nothing about her past and what has caused these allergies and her condition poor girl. IT IS NOT fair for Daisy May. However, we are not going to let her go back to the CP because we now do not trust the efficiency of them standard of care knowing how busy they are and corners being cut because they just have not got the man hours and volunteers, which is not the Cats fault neither. But in turn Daisy May is having to go this unnecessary stress which seems to exacerbate her ongoing skin condition which is not acceptable. We thank the LORD each and every day for bringing Daisy May to us and is where she will stay, in the name of the Lord Amen.  > ^o^<  😦  ♥

Mummy can I go to sleep please as I am exhausted and I didn’t like the nasty vet, I was so frightened I went back into my travel box after he wiped my eye before he gave me an injection after in my haunch muscles. But I am so very tired and sleepie after my ordeal I could sleep for a week mummy. Thank you mummy and pappy for taking my to the doctors he gave me medicine to make me feel better tomorrow. Wake me up when it is tea time mummy I Love You my Mummy and Pappy so very much Purrrrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrrrrrr
♥   > ^o^<   ♥


Hello Everyone, 😦  today my eyes are very weepy mainly my left eye. I was trying to keep it open but it wouldn’t stay open very well and a bit scratchy and irritating so I will miaow and mioaw and wink at mummy and pappy to let them know something is not right with my eye, please mummy and pappy can you help my eye and have a look for me 😦



Awwww bless you Daisy May your left eye is not good at all, let mummy have a look we know you haven’t got a cold nor cat flu so it must be just the pollen and dust getting into your eye, like the doctor said to us. Okay little one, we have made an appointment for you to see your doctor tomorrow as your eye is weeping more than it was before. We have made sure it is clean for you and as comfortable as we can. Is good to see you haven’t lost your a[petite and you are still playing and doing all your normal kitty thoings, We Love you baby girl Daisy may we won’t let anything happen to you, we know you have knocked your self whilst catnip tripping bombing around the place and hurt yourself, get some sleepies until we see the doctor in the morning Daisy May >^0^<

Baby Girl your eye looks nice and clean and you can blink properly now and look much happier Daisy May. We just need to keep an eye on your weepy eyes and make note in your medical notes okay Baby Girl.

Here you are baby girl we have made you some special supper for you of White Fish & Prawns poached in a little semi-skimmed milk, a small knob of unsalted butter, carrots and green beans and parsley we know you will enjoy.

You are our very special beautiful Princess Daisy may, we love you very much. Thank you my Mummy and pappy I feel much better know and I can see better now. I Love You very much too XXX  Purrrrrrr Purrrrrr Purrrrrr Purrrrrr




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I see him, that squirrel’s mine, lunch!…Nananana you can’t catch me!

Hello Everyone, its a day late but am still getting over yesterday when I met Sam Squirrel, who is one of our local Gray Squirrels whose home is in one of the trees opposite my favourite windows in mummy and pappy’s bedroom. It was yesterday afternoon, evening, it was lovely and sunny. my mummy called pappy into the bedroom where they hang food outside the two windows for the birdies to eat when there is mot enough of their natural food in their environment.

So mummy and pappy have been hanging these funny looking coconut shells with fatty-seedy mixture inside them, as I spend a lot of time watching the baby birdies coming to feed on them. Well on this particular day mummy found that one of the hanging coconuts had been dragged up in to the guttering on the roof above the eaves, and they wandered what was doing this, thinking it could have been a large birdie like a pigeon or magpie  have been watching them as they case. But they couldn’t work it out at this time. Until, later during the day mummy and pappy were sitting on their lovely big soft bed, when mummy suddenly looked up and there he was bold as brass it was a Squirrel, wow I had never seen a squirrel before, I got all excited and run over and up to my windowsill and jumped up so could try to catch him, he looked like a good kill and to play with, but he didn’t like that idea so he ran back up the string mummy put up to hang the coconut with, so I sat back down on my windowsill keeping guard again for Sam Squirrel.

Later that day, must have been after mummy and pappy had their cat nap, about 3pm mummy said because she was going down to the allotments to do some work. Mummy went about 3pm and pappy stayed in bed to sleep as pappy had a lot of pain in his body, so I needed to look after pappy for mummy whilst she was out gardening.

It was not long after mummy left the flat that pappy and I up keeping pappy warm. When suddenly there was a big noise in the left hand side window when we looked up I pounced from the bed over pappy onto stool and up onto the windowsill, and I jumped up full height of the window to the top latch to try to catch this pesky squirrel, this is my territory find your own, it is good that this window is shut otherwise this pesky squirrel would have been lunch! Licking my lips and drooling at the same time, he was trying to pull the water feeder up on to the roof, hahaha its way toooo heavy for you to pull up hehehehe, but at that moment of eye to eye contact squirrel scarped up the string and run over the roof top the scallywag, next time squirrel you will be lunch with some fave beans and a bottle of Chianti hehehehee!

Woweeeeee all this excitement mummy and pappy I need some well earned shut eye a cat knapp Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Mummy and pappy can we have some sleepies and lots and lots of cuddles and kisses awwweee that’s lovely my mummy and pappy I Love You so much Purrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrrr xxxxxx

Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Zz  z z z z z z z z zz z


LAVENDER FOR CATS (Lavandula angustifolia)

The beautiful, light purple flowers of the lavender plant shouldn't harm your kitty.

The beautiful, light purple flowers of the lavender

plant shouldn’t harm your kitty.



Why Do Cats Love To Snuggle Up To A Lavender Plant?

I was in my garden weeding when I noticed the fluffy Orange cat out of the corner of my eye. Something about the way the cat approached the flower bed seemed stealth-like. She cased out the landscape as she sat on the curb.

Cats go crazy for the catnip so now I understand why cats in our neighbourhood can’t resist my Lavender garden. English Lavender.

This feline tiptoed into the flower bed and then plopped herself down in the middle of my English Lavender and I watched in wonder.

She stepped out back out back on the warm and stretched out for a little relaxation.

A few minutes passed, and the cat began rolling around in the Lavender in a very playful manner.

That’s when I remembered, Lavender belongs to the mint family. Another member of this extensive family is ‘catnip’. Catnip’s latin name is Naperto Cataria, Catnip, a herbaceous perennial, periodically dies back to the ground  and the returns growth from the root structure, Marijuana is a distant cousin to catnip.

The Creature walked slowly and quietly toward the flower bed with my blooming Lavender plant.

For an easy way to protect your cats against bugs, you can use catnip, along with Lavender, and make some bug repellent sachets/pillows. Combine dried catnip and dried lavender and use that mixture to stuff sachet/bags and put them in your closet and drawers for a much more natural and pleasant way to keep moths and bug away.

Catnip is an amazing plant for your stomach, your cat, your skin, and your clothes will thank you for growing and using it.

Lavender seems to everywhere – in the kitchen cabinets, soaps and sachets, herb gardens and even medicine chests. Humans just cannot seem to get enough of this beautiful, aromatic plant. But does lavender pose a threat to our beloved felines? Reliable authorities indicate that lavender, in moderation, is safe.


Lavender is beautiful and smells wonderful. Many people love to keep lavender around the house and use products that contain lavender flowers or lavender oil. Cats, too, have a fondness for aromatic plants that are tasty and may be drawn to a fragrant herb such as lavender. The ASPCA and Animal Planet do not include lavender on their lists of plants and herbs that are potentially poisonous to cats, meaning a lavender plant in your garden or home poses no danger.


Moderation is the key when it comes to cats consuming lavender. The ASPCA suggests that “nibbles” are fine, but it’s best your cat not eat too much lavender, or any herb for that matter. Over-consumption has the potential to cause gastrointestinal problems and other complications. A good rule of thumb is to check with a vet or reliable animal organization before introducing any new plant, herb or food into your cat’s diet.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil, which is found in some cat litter and cat toys, is also generally safe when added to products designed for your cat. It is important to always check with a vet, however, if you are thinking of using concentrated lavender oil for aromatherapy or some other purpose. The ingestion of lavender oil can be slightly risky, so be sure to consult a reliable professional first!

Sedative Properties

As the University of Maryland and the Huffington Post report, lavender has been used with cats and dogs, as well as humans, as a calming agent or sedative. Again, though, be sure to seek advice from your vet about this use for lavender before purchasing new products, particularly if these products claim to be medicinal.



The obvious answer is to keep itself clean, but there is much more to grooming than this. In addition to cleaning away dust and dirt or the remains of the last meal, the repeated licking of the fur helps to smooth it so that it acts as a more efficient  insulating layer. A ruffled coat is a poor insulator, which can be a serious hazard for a cat in freezing weather.

Cold is not have the only problem. Cats easily overheat in summer-time and fur-grooming increases then for a special reason. Cats do not have sweat glands all over their bodies as we do, so thy cannot use sweating as a rapid me5hod of cooling down. Panting helps, butit is not enough. The solution is to lick repeatedly at the fur and deposit on it as much saliva as possible. The evaporation of this saliva then acts in the same way as the evaporation of sweat on our skin.

If cats have been in sunlight they increase their grooming even more. This is not, as might be imagined, simply because they are even hotter, but because the action of sunlight on th3ir fur produces essential vitamin D. They acquire this crucial additive to their diet by the licking movements of their tongues over the sun-warmed fur.

Grooming also increases when cats become agitated. This is called displacement grooming and it is believed to act as an aid to relieving the strain of tense social encounters. When we are in a state of conflict we often ‘scratch our heads’. A cat under similar conditions licks its fur.

Any cat-owner who has just been holding or cuddling theirr cat will be familiar with the animal’s actions as soon as it has been released from human contact. It wanders off, sits down and then , nearly always, starts to groom itself. This is partly because it needs to smooth itself. This is partly because it needs to smooth its ruffled fur, but there is also another reason. You have, by handling the cat, given it your scent and to some extent masked the cat’s scent. The licking of the fur redresses the balance, weakening your scent and reinforcing the cat’s own odour on its body surface. Our lives are dominated by visual signals, but in the cat’s world odours and fragrances are much more important, and an overdose of human scent on its fur is disturbing and has to be rapidly corrected. In addition, the licking of the fur you have been handling means that the cat can actually enjoy ‘tasting’ you and reading the signals it gets from the scent of your sweat glands. We may not be able to smell the odour of our hands, but a cat can.

Finally, the vigorous tugging at the fur which is so typical of  a cat’s self-grooming actions plays a special role in stimulating the skin glands at the base of the individual hairs. The secretions of these glands are vital to keep the fur water-proofed, and the tugging of the cat’s buy tongue steps up the waterproofing as a  protection against the rain.

So grooming is much more than mere cleaning. When it licks its fur a cat is protecting itself, not only from dirt and disease, but also from exposure to cold,from social tension, from foreign odours and from getting drenched to the skin. No wonder it dotes so much of its waking day to this piece of behaviour.

There is one danger inherent in this activity. Moulting cats and cats with very long fur quickly accumulate a large number of hairs inside their alimentary tracts and these form into hairballs which can cause obstructions. Usually hairballs are vomited up naturally without causing any trouble, but if they grow too large they may become a serious hazard. Cats of a nervous disposition, which do a great deal of displacement grooming, also suffer in this way. To solve their problem it is necessary to find out what is causing their agitation and deal with it. For the moulting and long-haired cats the only prevention is regular grooming by the cat’s owner with brush and comb, to remove the excess fur.

Self-grooming begins when the kitten is about three weeks old, but it has its birth. Begin groomed by another cat is called allogrooming, in contrast with self-grooming which is known technically as autogrooming. Allogrooming is common not only between mother and kitten, but also between adult cats that have grown up together and have developed a close social bond. Its primary function is not mutual hygiene, but rather a cementing of the friendly relation that exists between the two animals. All the same, licking in a region that is hard for the cat itself to reach does have a special appeal, and cats are partial to attention behind the ears. This is why tickling and rubbing behind the ears is such a popular form of contact between cat-owners and their cats.

The autogrooming actions often follow a set sequence, when a cat is indulging in a complete ‘wash-and-brush-up’. The typical routine goes as follows:

1.  Lick the lips.

2.  Lick the side of one paw until it is wet.

3.  Rub the wet paw over the head, including ear, eye, cheek and chin.

4.  Wet the other paw in the same way.

5.  Rub the wet paw over that side of the hand.

6.  Lick front legs and shoulders.

7.  Lick flanks.

8.  Lick genitals.

9.  Lick hind legs.

10. Lick tail from base to tip.

If at any stage during this process an obstruction is encountered – a tangled bit of fur, for example – the licking is momentarily abandoned in favour of a localized nibble with the teeth. Then, when  all is clear, the grooming sequence is resumed. Foot and claw nibbling are particularly common, removing dirt and improving the condition of the claws. This complicated cleaning sequence sequence differs from that seen in many others mammals. Rats and mice, for example, use the whole of their front paws for grooming their heads, whereas the cat uses only the side of the paw and part of the forearm. Also, rodents sit up on their back legs and groom with both front feet at the same time, while the feline technique is to employ each front leg alternately, resting its body on the one in use. Human observers rarely comment on such differences, remarking simply that an animal is busy cleaning itself. In reality, closer observation reveals that each species follows a characteristic and complex sequence of actions.




Hello Everyone, today was a very special day as my mummy is poor-poor. My pappy had to take mummy to the hospital because mummy was crying last night and was very upset because pappy said that mummy was in a lot of pain in her neck that is very swollen and that both mummy and pappy are cuddling because my mummy may have to have a nasty operation on her neck, so mummy and pappy had to go to her human doctor, a different doctor to mine as mine only make sick animals better. 😦  I can feel my mummy’s sadness and pappy’s worried too just as I am. I need to try to cuddle mummy and pappy’s much as I can and whilst they are at the doctors I will lay on their big soft bed and keep their bed warm for them so they can have sleepies when they get back…Miaow Miaow, Purrrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrr I Love You very much my Mummy and Pappy. 🙂   >^o^<


Hello Baby Girl Daisy May, your mummy and pappy are back awwww you are such a very good girl there you are all curled up on our lovely big comfy bed. Mummy and Pappy came into their bedroom and gave me lots and lots of cuddles and kisses I Love You my mummy and pappy. How are you feeling mummy and what did the doctor say you seem a lot more happier than when you left 🙂 Well Daisy May, yes, indeed the appointment went very well and better than we expected and we met a very lovely nurse who was studying in their first year of training and asked us if she could sit in our appointment, which we were more than happy. You know mummy was a carer on ward on in hospital and looked after sick patients and helped to make them better and talk with them and prayed for all my lovely patients, bless you little one.


Oooohhhhh mummy I lovely my new soft and fluffy duvet and big soft bed….. Purrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrr

Awwwwww mummy and pappy put a lovely new blankie on my windowsill in their bedroom. Its very pretty, mummy says it in Native American Indian she bought from a Native American Trade Post online, it is called Sunset and has Turtles all through it and represents the sun rising and setting. Thank you very much I Love my new blankie its so soft and comfy.



My new Native American Soft Blankie…

Daisy May, baby girl, its your uncle Ian on the phone, he is looking forward to come down from his home to see us and looking very to meet you Daisy May, and he says that he has a tom cat too who would be your cousin Daisy May called ‘Sam’ hopefully your Uncle Ian will bring some photos so we can see him and put into our family album. He will be coming to stay with us in the Fall.

Meanwhile, Daisy its your tea time for meaties…today is Prawn we are having our tea a bit later this evening and we will relax and do some writings whilst you have your sleepies Little One. Your may have a nibble of cheese later if you are a good girl.


Wake me up later when its time supper mummy…