Hello Everyone, a dreary wet and windy day, lots of wet stuff coming from the sky and the trees were blowing about and the birds are shriveled up and soggy not good eating today. But the door bell rang this morning and the shopping came corrrr wow all the yummy food for ME! Mummy says there i Salmon, Trout, Prawns, Sardines, Turkey, Duck, Chicken and Poultry yummmmmmmy!! Annnnnd mummy got me some of my favourite Chicken and Liver treat sticks thank you mummy and pappy I Love You you have brightened my day. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Someone else knocked the door and more parcels came for mummy and pappy things with written pages in all about Cats and Herbs. I wonder if the herbs are coming soon for my garden in the bay window where I sit and watch out of the window. Wow what are these mummy you are growing? These are for you little one Daisy May, Princess it is called “Happy Cat – Kit” especially for good puss cats like you Daisy May. Grow the plants your cat would naturally choose to help keep it healthy and happy, and there are instructions and material to make a Catmint Play Mouse for you. Catmint (Nepeta Cataria) and Pussygraze Cat barley (Hordevin Murinum) we have started growing for you little one. 

310520131016  310520131017  310520131018

310520131019  310520131020

Also, Daisy May, we have started growing some more Cat Grass (Avena sativa) and some Carrot Fern for you to nibble on when you want to little one.

310520131015  310520131023  310520131024  310520131021  310520131022

Awwwww Thank you Mummy Purrrrrrrrrr xxx     

Mummy and Pappy have told me that I have to go to see a doctor tomorrow for a check up and an injection which I am not very happy about and a little nervous a I have not met this doctor before. And what if I can’t come back home to my mummy and pappy this frightens me and I am sad. I know mummy and pappy can feel this and looking after me very well and reassuring me giving me lots of cuddles and kisses. I Love You Mummy and Pappy Purrrrrrrrrrr xxx

310520131026   310520131027   310520131028

Mummy and Pappy put my favourite jumper in my carry box which was pappy’s black and white one which I recognize from before thank you Pappy, and mummy put some lovely relaxing smelly stuff under my bed so I could relax and they left the carry box ut all night so I could get used to it for tomorrow. Thank you Mummy and Pappy I Love You Purrrrrrrrrr xxx


Time for Sleepies




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