Hello everyone. Today is my first visit to my new vet. I am a little nervous but my mummy and pappy have been reassuring me and giving me lot of cuddles, preparing my carry box for me making it very comfy and this morning the sun came out. I watched the sunrise it was so beautiful it made me feel all gooey inside. I knew everything was going to be alright. I am quite looking forward to meet my new doctor and nurse. Mummy gave me breakfast and made sure there were some of my favourite treats in the carry box too.

Well Daisy May, it’s time to get ready. Pappy and Me are going to walk this morning to the Vets because it is a lovely warm day, and it’s only a short 15 minute walk too. Mummy and Pappy just going to have a mug of coffee. And it’s time for you to go into your carry box Daisy May! Be a good girl I know you don’t like being in your travel box.

But Mummy do I have to…

Yes little one…it’s time to go as we will be late for your appointment Daisy May. 

So it’s time to go. Daisy May was a darling and got into her travel box and made herself as comfortable as she could bless her and off we go and the sun is blazing and getting warm already. 

Mummy and Pappy kept talking to me as they were walking and carrying my travel box. I saw lots of different things I couldn’t quite make out what they were but the fresh air was nice and the sun was warm, but the noises from the those funny things which looked like boxes on wheels I think that they have people in and they move fast are very smelly, and very noisy. I didn’t like that much because it was a bit scary. I tried to move myself around in my own small box to hide from the nasty noises and to get comfy, but I was glad that mummy put my box down for a while and made sure I was alright.

I will be glad when we get back home. I hope I am going back home and not going to meet some more people, as I really don’t want to leave my new Mummy and pappy I am so very happy and would be very sad and break my heart to lose my mummy and pappy because I Love them so very much. I know mummy and pappy know this because they can hear me crying and miaowing and miaowing. 😦  I hope we won’t be too long before we get to my doctors. Suddenly we stopped and there was a great big box on wheels like we traveled on before, I didn’t like it at all. I felt mummy step right back so I wouldn’t get too frightened, but I was a bit scared it went dark and cold and then suddenly it got all sunny again and lovely and warm. 

We stopped again for a short while and mummy put my box down gently on what appeared to be something high and solid and when I looked out of my box I could see pretty colours greens and purples in the beautiful warm sunshine, it was getting a bit too warm in the small box but I pressed my face and whiskers to the gate thingy and took some lovely breaths of fresh air and there was a scent in the air from the grasses and flowers. I cold hear the birdies too, thank you mummy for stopping here. Are we neary lt there yet I thought to myself and miaowed and miaowed again.

010620131031  010620131030

We must be there because we just gone into a room I heard the door open. I heard other animals I saw a small animal am not sure what it was though, because I have lived indoors for many years and I am not sure. Mummy what is this small animal in this room with us it doesn’t smell the same? 

Well little one, it is a small dog … But what is a dog mummy? Is it like me mummy?…No Daisy May, a dog is completely different to a puss cat besides that dogs are not as intelligent, and are made differently, they bark, they eat different food, they chase after their own tails, they don’t clean themselves, they don’t cover their own mess and poo. They pee everywhere and they smell when they get wet!! They chase the postman and eat the mail. Totally inappropriate and need a human to take them for walks otherwise they get lost!! Although the small dog we saw today looked like a dog called ‘Lou’ who was on a movie called ‘Cats & Dogs’ where Cats Ruled the World and so they should Princess Daisy May.

Oh Mummy, Pappy quick someone called my name ‘Daisy May’ is that the doctor? And when we walked into the doctors room the nurse introduced herself as Helen and asked all different questions about me. She opened the gate to my box and I gingerly walked out and was cuddled ohhhhh mummy I like this doctor, she felt my tummy and my teats and was very gentle, she looked into my eyes awwwwww and I smiled inside are all doctors like mine. She looked at my teeth and gums to see if had any feathers in there, oops! I can’t eat birdies but I can dream and watch the butterflies flutter-by. Then she put me on this funny long flat thing and read out a number it must my age beautiful young pussy cat am I but it was my weight oops!!! Too many birds!!! Or not enough!! The doctor said I was very well and my fur is growing back and my teeth are good and sharp and clean gums. Then the doctor left me on the table and went into another room. I tried to see where she went, but couldn’t see, but she came back and said something about an injection … mummy whats an injection?

Well Daisy May you need to have your second injection to keep you from having any bad sicknesses and diseases but you only have to have one once a year. Be brave little girl your mummy and pappy are with you and the nurse will be gentle, awwww mummy but I don’t like this it’s sharp. It will be a little scratch nothing more. Okay mummy I will be brave mummy cuddle me mummy. There you go Daisy it’s all done baby girl. Thank you mummy. Can we go home now mummy? And I heard mummy ask if we needed to come back to see the doctor again, but she said not for another year. Yippppee. The doctor was very happy with your food and said we have to keep your weight down, so that means more play time Daisy May!! Ohhh yes please mummy and pappy lots of play and cuddles too. 

One thing though Daisy May we have to give you some flea and tick treatment which is a liquid we have to drop on to your neck through your fur. I know you won’t like it but we need to do this because it will stop you from picking up any unwanted parasites which make you scratch and itch and irritate your beautiful skin and fur coat little one we will do it when we get home.

Well Daisy may it’s time to go home so it’s time to go back into your travel box so we can go home. After settling you back in your box and paying the nurse then we opened the door to come out of the doctors and the sun shone brightly and I could hear the birdies again. My mummy and pappy are coming home with me too yipppppe I Love You Mummy and Pappy Purrrrrrrrr xxx


We started walking back home way back, more stops as it’s getting very warm in my box indeed and I want to home. But on the way home we stopped and I could hear mummy and pappy talking to someone else and there was this scruffy smelly looking small animal who was trying to get to smell me it was very frightening and I didn’t like this at all, and it really did scare me and had to hiss at it to warn it to stay away from me and I growled and growled for it to go away. Mummy I am so frightened and very scared what was it that tried to eat me in my box? Miaooow Miaooooow, Miaooooooooow Hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I’m shaking all over. Don’t worry baby girl you are safe it was a DOG who thought it could have some fun but he was getting too excited and wouldn’t go, so we had to pull you away and tell the man to take his dog away that he frightened you. Don’t worry daisy may we are nearly home you are safe and we will get you home as fast as we can.

It scared us to, he was a nasty man with a nasty dog. Thank you mummy and pappy are we home yet, as we stopped to open the door and it was inside so I know we are home, we walked a bit more and I heard pappy with the jingly thing and opened a door and we we were HOME yipppppppeeee. Mummy and Pappy put my box down gently and opened the gate to my box and I was so very glad to be back safe and warm in my HOME, my own bed where I can curl up and sleep after my ordeal. 

Mummy and Pappy sat down and rested and I went around making sure everything was as it was when we left, and to make sure nothing else was in my home. Mummy and pappy had to put that horrible flea medicine on my neck which I didn’t like at all I had to let mummy pick me up and pappy had to drop the medicine on my neck. I didn’t like it at all. But I had to let them do it. Can I go and curl up now mummy and pappy because I am feeling tired, shaky and need to rest and still a bit frightened. Can I jump up here for a while and lay in the warm sun in my favourite place relax and lap up the sun rays awwwwwwww thats better mummy. Purrrrrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrrrr xxx

  010620131034  010620131035  010620131036  010620131037

What a day it has been today for all of us, time to make some dinner whilst Daisy May and Pappy rest a while whilst I make Chillie Con Carne for us and for Daisy May a very special dinner of Lightly Braised Minced Beef with pasta (spaghetti), peas, carrots and meaty gravy. Awwwwwww thank you Mummy that was so yummmmmmmy can I have some more please mummmmmmmy xxx I Love You my Mummy and Pappy. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxx

Daisy May you have been so very Brave and Special Girl and we are so Proud of you our darling Daisy May and we Love you so very much xxx


Purrrrrrrr Purrrrrrr Zzzzzzzzz



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