Hello Everyone, today is a very special day as I have been such a very good and brave girl yesterday, it was so stressful and tiring when we got back yesterday from the vet I was so tired and slept and slept all night couldn’t even eat all my breakfast this morning that mummy gave me. I was even too tired to wake mummy and pappy up this morning, but they knew I was exhausted and left me to sleep as long as I wanted today. Thank you my Mummy and Pappy I Love You so very much Purrrrrrr xxxxx 

But I was able to wake up for a while and finished the rest of my breakfast after cuddle and lot cuddle from my Mummy and Pappy. And mummy and pappy gave my a big surprise today when the parcel came with lots and lots of my favourite treats to fill up my Treatie Box. Mummy got me Chicken & Liver tasty sticks, some Salmon &Trout  Tasty sticks and some Turkey & Lamb tasty sticks too and thats not all there were TWO packets of Salmon Dreamies too oooooooohhhhh I Love You my mummy and pappy purrrrrrrr I didn’t know which one to have first 🙂 I am so very happy and contented Puss Cat and my name is Daisy May Purrrrrrr

 020620131044  020620131045  020620131046

020620131047  020620131048

Mummy has also re-organised my herb garden in my favourite window she has taken some pretty flowers away but mummy said they were not good for me, they could make me and other puss cats seriously ill and would have to go to the vet again, and I do want that to happen, nor does my mummy and pappy.


My Spider Plant which I love to nibble, sends me very trippy and makes me very happy! And mummy has started two little pots for me of Cat Mint and Barley Grass


Mummy has made a comfy place to sit and lap up the sun rays 🙂


 My Herb Garden favourite place to relax with all my herbs and plants around my too where I can watch the world go by and all the birdies and butterflies and watch the children play.

Thank you Mummy for my lovely Garden Purrrrrrrrrrr xxx


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