Hello Everyone it has been a lovely relaxing day after a weekend of fun and frolicks Saturday was the new vet day and Sunday was sleep day and today the sun has been out all day hooray. I woke up early this morning with the birds they were singing, mummy and pappy came in to my room and woke me up I was so very comfortable sleeping dreaming of the rabbits I was chasing dazed and barely awake I was sleeping on a very beautiful soft fur coat, My mummy said it is my Nana’s special coat, and I know Nana will be happy i am looking after her coat for her. I think mummy said she had cleaned especially. But it was so comfy but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz xxxxxxx

030620131050  030620131051

030620131052  030620131053

030620131054  030620131055

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxx


It’ a beautiful day are you going to let me in and give my breakfast, but awwwww mummy I have been nibbling at my Spider plant too much and I found my treats which were up on the side I had fun exploring and it upset my tummy a bit I was a bit sick and had the runns mummy ooops mummy I couldn’t wait for you to get up mummy I hope I am not in too much trouble mummy poooooo its sticky and stinky mummy!! 😦

Good Morning Daisy May, ohhhhh my Lordy what have you been up to and what is that stinky Daisy May Lordy, how can a cute beautiful bundle of fur create something as stinky as this, Girlie have got to open the window and clean your litter box, and don’t be going in to Pappy he won’t be so best pleased Daisy May not so princess this morning. I think I am going to have to hide your treats so you can’t find them as you have eaten the whole lot, the remaining 16 treats which are special for your teeth missi, you won’t be having any treats at all today, because you have eaten them all Daisy, you are a naughty girlie aren’t you Daisy may. But mummy I am soooo sorry I won’t do it again, do you still Love me Mummy 😦 I am going to have to put your Spider Plant up higher so you can’t get at it so much as too much nibbling the leaves can give you tummy ache and give you the runnies like this morning. Okay mummy I will go and get some sleep for a while and let you and pappy get some sleep and be a good girl mummy 🙂 Miaowwwwwwww xxx

Ewwo ewwo ewwo Mummy, Mummy are you awake mummy Miaow, Miaow…Hello baby girl how are you this morning do you want your breakfast okay cuddles and lots of cuddle awwwwww thank you mummy, I Love you so very much can I go and see pappy mummy? yes Daisy may you can go and see Pappy he is very sleepy this morning, and pappy ha got go out this morning to see his doctors. After mummy and pappy have got up then we can have playtime before pappy goes out Daisy May, Yipppeeee Mummy Puuuuuurrrrrr Puuuurrrrrr Puuuurrrrrr xxxxx

Pappy went out this morning, mummy and I lay down for a while to rest and curled up with mummy until pappy came back. We made coffee and got ready to use the new hoover my sister brought round yesterday when you met your auntie Alie. Now Daisy May I know you are not going to like this at all, not many puss cats like the sound of a hoover, as it sucks up all the dust and dander off the carpet and on the floor where we all walk about okay little one. But don’t worry as I will be with you whilst Pappy does the hoovering in all the rooms. So we can have lots and lots of cuddles and give you lots of reassurance baby girl Daisy May.

Mummy has been writing down some recipes today of fresh home cooked foods and meals for cat that can portioned and frozen for the next day. Today mummy has prepared a Gourmet dish for me for my dinner this evening, mmmmmmmmmm smells lovely I thing its chicken in the oven cooking, will sit in front of the oven to see what is happening and cooking. It is very hot though I can feel the heat aready.

030620131057  030620131056


(Homemade freshly Cooked and Prepared Nutritious dishes for cats. These are our own recipes we prepare for Daisy May. She has a diet of Whiskas Semi-Moist Pouches with two main evening meals substituted with freshly cooked food which gives Daisy healthy body, teeth, gums, beautifully shinny coat  of fur and in general a very happy and contented puss cat )

    030620131058  030620131059

030620131060   030620131061


Mmmmmmmmm Yummmmy Mummy




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