Hello Everyone its my one month here in my new home with my new mummy and pappy yipppeeee miaoooooooow miaowwwwwwww purrrrrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrr I am so happy and contented with my new family I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else because I Love You My Mummy and Pappy Purrrrrrrr xxxx

100620131078  100620131079  100620131080  100620131081  100620131084  100620131085

I have been helping mummy with crocheting playing with her yarn and dribbling all over it am not sure what mummy is making but I think it is for ME’ Because she lets me lay on it whilst she is joining it altogether and I like to play with the tastily bits, but I will catnap for a while and let mummy get on with her crochet Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  Z Z Z Z z z z z 

100620131086  100620131087  100620131088

Awwwwww Mummy does my bum look big in this but it keeps my bum warm because some of my fur is growing back and gets chili mummy and its so snugly mummy thank you mummy I Love You mummy xxx


100620131089  100620131090  100620131091  100620131092

Wowwwwww weeeeee mummy how much capnip did you put in this blankie wooopieeeeee!!!

Look everyone, look what my mummy has made for me yipeeeeeee can I play mousey with my new play blankie and I can sleep when I catnap on mummy and pappy’s big soft bed.

110620131093  110620131094

Ohhhhhh wow mummy you’ve put feathers and bells in my blankie so I can play with…

110620131096  110620131095

Mummy has crocheted a nice boarder to make sure the feathers and bells are securely attached for you so they won’t come off when you play mousy and mummy has put your crochet square in your bed so you can catnap with because I know you like to lay your head on when you sleepie Daisy May…

110620131099  110620131101

Thank you My Mummy I Love my Blankie 


Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxxxxx


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