Hello Everyone, its Monday already after a busy sunny weekend and lot of surprises and I have been a very good girl, my name is Daisy May

On Saturday the postman came with boxes and parcels. Are they for Me mummy? Whats in the boxes mummy? Well Daisy May we ordered you some herbs for your bay-window garden with all the herbs and grasses you and many cats like to nibble on.


Mixed Herb Collection

Oregano (Golden Marjoram); Thyme (Archers Gold);

Rosemary (Officinal); Sage Ictorina (Golden)…


My Bay-Window Garden my favourite place to lay in the sun and much on my herbs and grasses…


Flat Leaf Parsley & Chives



Mummy & Pappy let me have the box to play with…


Today mummy received another package which had lot of seeds…mummy said they are Wheat Grass. What is Wheat Grass mummy? Well Daisy you have Oat Grass growing in pots for you, you have been munching on, so mummy got some different grass for you which is mre nutritious and a super-food with all your required vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc… which you enjoy munching on too little one.


So this pot has been sown of Wheat Grass in your Bay-Window…


And this pot grown of Wheat Grass in your windows in the bedroom, where your Oat Grass is too Little One.

Well Daisy that was your Nana Cat Cat on the phone just now to let mummy and pappy know that they have a new Futon for us as this old sofa is not good for us and very uncomfortable Little One…so we have to get the room ready for when Nicky and Dave come over, they are also coming over to see you too Daisy May.

That’s the door bell ! Now Daisy be brave little girl and go into the bedroom if you want to feel safe. Pappy is going to stay up here while I go downstairs to help bring the Futon up stairs.

Wow it is beautiful. But I am feeling a bit frightened mummy and I don’t know where to go mummy but I want to see whats happening to mummy.

Nicky, Dave and I came upstairs with the frame and the mattress which we put down in the sitting room. Whilst Nick came to find me to say hello and she called me beautiful and gave me cuddles a liked very much a gave a little purrrrr and Dave must Grampy Dave, he called me Princess Tart but I think he loves me too. I hope they will come again mummy soon. But mummy I am so very tired and its been a very long day and I love you very much my Mummy and Pappy Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxxx


Ohhhhhh Mummy is this for me to Lay on for Sleepies and Catnap, it looks very comfortable…

We received your Valerian on Friday afternoon and mummy let me open the parcel I could smell the Valerian through the package, so mummy helped to open the package and let me smell and rub the Valerian ohhhhhh it was so lovely and made me feel so happy, makes me all playful and after it make me feel calm and sleepy mummy also got me another herb to help me sleepie and when I am feeling stressed or agitated it helps me to calm, especially if my mummy and pappy take me to the vet. Mummy has found me a lovely tin for all my special medicinal herbs especially for Cats and for ME 🙂 Thank you Mummy I Love You so much Mummy Purrrrrrrrrr

170620131130  170620131131

My Medicinal Herb Tin Purrfect




Valerian Root & Burdock Root


Ohhhhhh Mummy this is so much fun this Valerian

Can I have some more weeeeeee

Whoooop Whoooop



Whooooops Mummy I think I  have had to much Valerian

Mummy can I go to sleepie now…





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