Hello Everyone, its a catnip trip morning because mummy put lots of catnip in my box to play with, whilst Pappy was asleep, I was allowed to have the kitchen door open all night so I could go into each room when I wanted to. Before my new mummy and pappy adopted me the horrible bad man who had me before used to lock me up in one room all day which frightened me so much. My new mummy and pappy let me stay in one room whilst I got used to the new surroundings in my new home and environment. The local cats are growling and howling and maowing and calling for their mates at night-time and it disturbs me because I am a house-cat and in my later years, even though I am a kitty really in a cats body with a mind and spirit of a kitty-cat 6 + 3/4’s. I love playing with mummy’s yarn mousy and bunny hops off all fours and catching the mouse carrying the yarn around like it is a mouse. But mummy put a lovely comfy blankie on their new Futon that mummy made is so lovely and soft and has tasselly bits of yarn at the ends I can play with, which is so much fun. Ohhhhh is that the postman mummy? Is pappy asleep or shall get the door for you mummy. I will sit here by the door and protect you mummy. Whats in the box mummy?

Well Daisy May it is something for you to help calm you at times of stress when we move our furniture around, or if you hear other cats and get frightened and spooked out by the local dogs barking at all hours. It is called ‘Feliway’ and it is a replica of your facial pheromones when you rub your face around all the furniture and your bed etc … so you can mark out your territory, to let other cats that this is your home. Although humans cannot smell the pheromones only cats can smell this, so this will help you settle into your new home here with us your Mummy and Pappy, because we want you to be so very happy and calm in your new home here Daisy May, our Princess Daisy May, because we love you very very much indeed. We will get the spray too for when you have to go to the vet, your new doctor, which should be only once a year Daisy May.

Well Daisy May we have more deliveries today and that is a second shopping delivery with some treats for you, your favourite Tasty Sticks, Salmon & Trout and Turkey & lamb, that you enjoy.


This is my favourite mat where I sit when mummy is cooking or making coffee and preparing my breakfast, tea and supper, I can watch mummy in the kitchen 🙂

Oooohhhh Mummy stretchhhhhh after a power catnap for a couple of hours, mummy and pappy awake and we all go into the kitchen the light goes on and mummy starts cooking, and I am watching intently hoping some will be for me….But what I mummy doing pappy? Mummy is boiling up some very hot water and melting some sugar into it until it melts and comes to the boil and pours it over the large pan of elderflower s, lemon and lime pieces to make some Elderflower Cordial for the summer. Then mummy will put some chicken pieces, chopped potatoes and big mushrooms in to a large roasting tin and put in the oven to cook for our tea and your supper Daisy May. Oooohhhh yummy thank you pappy mmmmmmmm can smell it cooking already, shall I sit here and watch the oven for you mummy to make sure it cooks  mummy, shall I miaow when its cooked mummy? What have I got with my chicken mummy? Well Daisy it will be a surprise! 🙂 Awwwww thank you mummy Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxx  🙂 >^o^<

Daisy May, come and have a look at your herb garden I have been reading up about Cats and green beans, because I know you love your green beans, so I have planted two Runner Beans inbetween your Oregano and Thyme plants and four Blue Lake French Beans  in between you Sage and Rosemary, so you can watch them grow and munch on the bottom leaves and the beans when they grow.

Go and have a play with pappy or sit in your window for a while while mummy finishes of in the kitchen and writing down some recipes…Okay Mummy Love you Mummy  Purrrrrrrrrr xxxx

To Be Continued…


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