Hello Everyone, 😦 today my eyes are very weepy mainly my left eye. I was trying to keep it open but it wouldn’t stay open very well and a bit scratchy and irritating so I will miaow and mioaw and wink at mummy and pappy to let them know something is not right with my eye, please mummy and pappy can you help my eye and have a look for me 😦 >^o^<

Awwww bless you Daisy May your left eye is not good at all, let mummy have a look we know you haven’t got a cold nor cat flu so it must be just the pollen and dust getting into your eye, like the doctor said to us. Okay little one I will prepare a Chamomile Saline Eyewash for you and use the medical swabs to clean your eyes Daisy May. So let’s consult the herbal Bible here it is as before.


1 teaspoon Dried Chamomile Flowers in Daisy’s Bone China Cup with filter, pour boiling water over the chamomile flowers and cover to stand for 5-10 minutes and strain.

Put 1 tablespoon of Chamomile Tisane in a clean sterilized small bowl add a couple of small grains of sea salt to make a saline, enough to be like a natural tear. Using small medical swabs or cotton pads.

Mummy and Pappy got ourselves ready, as we need to be quick baby girl so not to stress you out too much Daisy. So you let me pick you up and gave you lots of cuddles and kisses. I had hold of your scruff gently so you could keep still for Pappy while he dipped the swab into the Chamomile Saline Solution/Tisane and squeezed the excess out and then gentle wiped your weepy eye from inward to outward being careful not to re-wipe, a tat would introduce further germs back into the eye. So pappy was able to do this twice so your eye looks nice and clean. Daisy you are such a brave and good girl lots of cuddles and kisses, from Mummy and Pappy. When Pappy was finished I could release your scruff and place you back down on your comfy bed and we cleared up and gave you lots of cuddles and we both gave you one of your favourite tasty sticks Turkey & Lamb.

Baby Girl your eye looks nice and clean and you can blink properly now and look much happier Daisy May. We just need to keep an eye on your weepy eyes and make note in your medical notes okay Baby Girl.

Our very special beautiful Princess Daisy may, we love you very much. Thank you my Mummy and pappy I feel much better know and I can see better now. I Love You very much too XXX Purrrrrrr



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