Hello Everyone, today was a very special day as my mummy is poor-poor. My pappy had to take mummy to the hospital because mummy was crying last night and was very upset because pappy said that mummy was in a lot of pain in her neck that is very swollen and that both mummy and pappy are cuddling because my mummy may have to have a nasty operation on her neck, so mummy and pappy had to go to her human doctor, a different doctor to mine as mine only make sick animals better. 😦  I can feel my mummy’s sadness and pappy’s worried too just as I am. I need to try to cuddle mummy and pappy’s much as I can and whilst they are at the doctors I will lay on their big soft bed and keep their bed warm for them so they can have sleepies when they get back…Miaow Miaow, Purrrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrr I Love You very much my Mummy and Pappy. 🙂   >^o^<


Hello Baby Girl Daisy May, your mummy and pappy are back awwww you are such a very good girl there you are all curled up on our lovely big comfy bed. Mummy and Pappy came into their bedroom and gave me lots and lots of cuddles and kisses I Love You my mummy and pappy. How are you feeling mummy and what did the doctor say you seem a lot more happier than when you left 🙂 Well Daisy May, yes, indeed the appointment went very well and better than we expected and we met a very lovely nurse who was studying in their first year of training and asked us if she could sit in our appointment, which we were more than happy. You know mummy was a carer on ward on in hospital and looked after sick patients and helped to make them better and talk with them and prayed for all my lovely patients, bless you little one.


Oooohhhhh mummy I lovely my new soft and fluffy duvet and big soft bed….. Purrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrr

Awwwwww mummy and pappy put a lovely new blankie on my windowsill in their bedroom. Its very pretty, mummy says it in Native American Indian she bought from a Native American Trade Post online, it is called Sunset and has Turtles all through it and represents the sun rising and setting. Thank you very much I Love my new blankie its so soft and comfy.



My new Native American Soft Blankie…

Daisy May, baby girl, its your uncle Ian on the phone, he is looking forward to come down from his home to see us and looking very to meet you Daisy May, and he says that he has a tom cat too who would be your cousin Daisy May called ‘Sam’ hopefully your Uncle Ian will bring some photos so we can see him and put into our family album. He will be coming to stay with us in the Fall.

Meanwhile, Daisy its your tea time for meaties…today is Prawn we are having our tea a bit later this evening and we will relax and do some writings whilst you have your sleepies Little One. Your may have a nibble of cheese later if you are a good girl.


Wake me up later when its time supper mummy…




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