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I see him, that squirrel’s mine, lunch!…Nananana you can’t catch me!

Hello Everyone, its a day late but am still getting over yesterday when I met Sam Squirrel, who is one of our local Gray Squirrels whose home is in one of the trees opposite my favourite windows in mummy and pappy’s bedroom. It was yesterday afternoon, evening, it was lovely and sunny. my mummy called pappy into the bedroom where they hang food outside the two windows for the birdies to eat when there is mot enough of their natural food in their environment.

So mummy and pappy have been hanging these funny looking coconut shells with fatty-seedy mixture inside them, as I spend a lot of time watching the baby birdies coming to feed on them. Well on this particular day mummy found that one of the hanging coconuts had been dragged up in to the guttering on the roof above the eaves, and they wandered what was doing this, thinking it could have been a large birdie like a pigeon or magpie  have been watching them as they case. But they couldn’t work it out at this time. Until, later during the day mummy and pappy were sitting on their lovely big soft bed, when mummy suddenly looked up and there he was bold as brass it was a Squirrel, wow I had never seen a squirrel before, I got all excited and run over and up to my windowsill and jumped up so could try to catch him, he looked like a good kill and to play with, but he didn’t like that idea so he ran back up the string mummy put up to hang the coconut with, so I sat back down on my windowsill keeping guard again for Sam Squirrel.

Later that day, must have been after mummy and pappy had their cat nap, about 3pm mummy said because she was going down to the allotments to do some work. Mummy went about 3pm and pappy stayed in bed to sleep as pappy had a lot of pain in his body, so I needed to look after pappy for mummy whilst she was out gardening.

It was not long after mummy left the flat that pappy and I up keeping pappy warm. When suddenly there was a big noise in the left hand side window when we looked up I pounced from the bed over pappy onto stool and up onto the windowsill, and I jumped up full height of the window to the top latch to try to catch this pesky squirrel, this is my territory find your own, it is good that this window is shut otherwise this pesky squirrel would have been lunch! Licking my lips and drooling at the same time, he was trying to pull the water feeder up on to the roof, hahaha its way toooo heavy for you to pull up hehehehe, but at that moment of eye to eye contact squirrel scarped up the string and run over the roof top the scallywag, next time squirrel you will be lunch with some fave beans and a bottle of Chianti hehehehee!

Woweeeeee all this excitement mummy and pappy I need some well earned shut eye a cat knapp Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Mummy and pappy can we have some sleepies and lots and lots of cuddles and kisses awwweee that’s lovely my mummy and pappy I Love You so much Purrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrrr xxxxxx

Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Zz  z z z z z z z z zz z


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