Hello Everyone, my eye is really irritating and weeping and running mummy can I go to see my doctor please mummy? 😦


Yes little one we have already brought your appointment forward this morning because you also had an upset tummy to because you couldn’t keep your breakfast down, I know your nerves have been shot to because you have been worrying and we are too. Okay Daisy Mummy and pappy are just getting ready so its time for you to go into your carrier and we will catch the bus this morning for you, yes the big box with wheels with lots of people in and they will all ask about you too and want to know what is wrong bless you little one. It will just be a five minute ride on the bus.

Well Daisy May we are here and in we go and hopefully the doctor won’t be long okay Little One.

1. We managed to change the vet appointment to 10am this morning. The main vet saw us this morning, who took one look at saw Daisy May’s poor coat which was indeed growing back since the 11th May 2013. She is a lot better since we adopted her from the Cat Protection in Southampton on the 11/05/2013, and the CP vet says that Daisy was getting better, but this vet at Stable Close tried to tell us about Food Allergy and Flea Allergy in such a condescending away. We are not at all happy with this vets condescending and arrogant manner, or should I say his bedside manner sucks, who tried to to blame us for letting her get into such a poor state a she is in, God Bless. We tried to explain to him that this was not our doing and that we had followed exactly what the CP Vet had commented on Daisy’s previous vet’s notes we were given on her adoption. Which states that she was still under investigation for possible allergies and to make an appointment to go her new vet for her 2nd CP vaccination after the first 3-4 weeks, which we did on Saturday 1st June2013
2. At no time did Helen the vetinary nurse say anything related to Daisy’s allergies or diet. In fact had we explained how we adopted Daisy May in this state and that we had no past history at all and that Helen was impressed how well we are looking after Daisy and if it was alright to hive Daisy half her own conventional food and omitting two of her meals a week for especially prepared meals a week. Helen had nothing at all to say about Daisy ‘s food allergy. So we continued her new feeding regime acorrding to the Helen saw and agreed to. Helen gave Daisy an injection and suggested that we give her a  ‘Spot-on’ for fleas,  incase of allergy. And she said that Daisy would need a ‘spot-on’ each month to put on her neck for rest of her life, which is fair enough as fleas can come from anywhere she would only need one. We will save up to get the appropriate flea collar which would last 7 months and would be cheaper in the long run.
3. We had to call the vet secretary at the counter/desk to clarrify what the vet had said concerning Daisy’s new diet which we needed to start as soon as possible for the next 6-8 weeks and to note the difference. As the vet stipulated that it extremely important that a cat’t diet should bybequal amounts of PROTEIN & CARBOHYDRATE which she has not been having as far as we know even with Daisy’s previous owner nor her Fosterer before us. So the vet stipulated that we feed Daisy one protein being fish, chicken, rabbit or lamb with rice at day, as long as it is one flavour so to speak,  but all the time not to mix up different flavours. RICE being the Carbohydrate indeed. So we have taken this on board and to addapt to this new regime.

No other symptoms. Eating well, no loss of appetite. Stools fine, firm good colour, once or twice a day. Pass urine twice to three times daily. Drinking some water. Semi-Moist Food.

We will see, God Bless you our baby girl Daisy May.

4. We need to start Well Pet Plan at Stable Close Vet. £10.50 per month, direct debitthat we discussed with the vet, that was fine until we came to finish our consultation  which was 15minutes, which by the way cost £24.00 ouch! The toal fee was just over £60 ouch that was ouch as we only took £40.00 with us some of that was for bus’ fare to vets, the remaining probably an antibiotic or something so we thought. But Daisy had a steroid injection for her allergy symptoms. We only had £38 on us, itvwas so embarrassing, if we had known we would drawn enough money  out. She let us off the remaining £1.50 as the total was about £39.50. Even though we will return we the remittance owed when we have it. The vet came out to say that we didn’t to have the flea collar we could just have a spot-on instead, until we could afford to get thd flea collar. So thats what we did indeed.

5.  We had to give the receptionist all the money we had so we had to walk home, she was concerned as she knew that we had pain in our backs and my neck by this tme. We eventually got home and I was near to tears because of the way the vet had spoken to us. Actually blaming us for the loss of hair etc…and when we rang back to confirm what the vet had said, because he spoke like a total doctor like manner, when just wanted him to tell how to look after Daisy’s new diet in laymans terms. Even she said we knew that Daisy had a skin condition/allergy. But as I said to her that no we didn’t know as the previous doctors previous notes/ comments said that her skin condition was under investigation and treatment. So we had followed exactly whatvse had to do when we adopted Daisy May.

6. After we got back we sorted out all her food pouches and took the pouches out and put them in their boxes and labeled so we knew which ones to give her until she runs out of one flavour until the next. Before we left the vets, the receptionist suggested that in our financial cicircumstances that if we were claiming houseing benefits and or council tax benefit  that we would be eligible for help from the local PDSA so when we got home with Daisy we let her out of her box and we had a few tears and cuddles and had a mug of coffee and settle for a while, we were all exhausted and slept a while. Poor little Daisy was so very tired, bless you. Praise the Lord that Daisy was not serious.


7.  After our cat-nap and refreshed we searched online for then PDSA to find a telephone to ring them for advice and how to register and apply Daisy May with the PDSA, but we were totally shocked and so was the veterinary receptionist to know that in fact the PDSA will not register any cats who have ongoing treatment.  Because Daisy has an ongoing skin condition they refuse to rgister her at PDSA. So now we are forced to use our local vet nd have to find the extortionte costs which we have not got. But the Lord will find a way for the money to be available when needs be as he always does. It just seems that everything is going against us and poor little Daisy who it is going to effct in the long run. We rang the vet receptionist to let her know and said to inform the Cat Protection where you adopted Daisy from and they should be able to help, and she said it seems to be that Daisy should not have been released form adoption until they had actually addressed her skin condition and allergies before hand because her condition is going to cost a lot of money through the ongoing years. And we are not at happy about this either, because we no nothing about her past and what has caused these allergies and her condition poor girl. IT IS NOT fair for Daisy May. However, we are not going to let her go back to the CP because we now do not trust the efficiency of them standard of care knowing how busy they are and corners being cut because they just have not got the man hours and volunteers, which is not the Cats fault neither. But in turn Daisy May is having to go this unnecessary stress which seems to exacerbate her ongoing skin condition which is not acceptable. We thank the LORD each and every day for bringing Daisy May to us and is where she will stay, in the name of the Lord Amen.  > ^o^<  😦  ♥

Mummy can I go to sleep please as I am exhausted and I didn’t like the nasty vet, I was so frightened I went back into my travel box after he wiped my eye before he gave me an injection after in my haunch muscles. But I am so very tired and sleepie after my ordeal I could sleep for a week mummy. Thank you mummy and pappy for taking my to the doctors he gave me medicine to make me feel better tomorrow. Wake me up when it is tea time mummy I Love You my Mummy and Pappy so very much Purrrrrrrrrr Purrrrrrrrrrrrr
♥   > ^o^<   ♥

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