Ewwo Everyone, look what mummy made for me when I need or want my personal space and when it thunders I can hide away which is only a short jump from mummy’s side of their lovely soft big bed. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will do when no-ones looking, so mummy and pappy can’t find me hehehe 🙂 We could always play sharades mummy hehehe 🙂

But, mummy knows I like a lovelt soft cosy high place I can hide away and catnap miaowwwww



Thank you mummy looks lovely and cosy…


Mummy you’ve put squirrel there too…

And look Daisy May I have sprinkled some of your favourite valerian and catnip in there too. I also put your other pink fleece, the same as you have under the computer table in the living room. So you can snuggle up in your new cubby hole, hide away. We made sure you have somewhere to hide when it thunders, if it does, it well overdue, we know you can feel the thunderstorms coming Daisy May as you keep going wappy and chasing invisible mouses around the flat, being spooked indeed. Hopefully it will rain and thunder soon little one, so wevcan breath in some fresh cool air and the land will be watered, so we will hope and pray for the heavy rain and thunderstorms to come to us here in our small estate. We  know you are under the computer table catnapping time to wake you up Daisy May!



Well Daisy May its time for your super as it is 11.16pm already and is also time for your denal bites too, and need to put some ice cubes inmyour drinking water. Thamk you my mummy and pappy, I Love You very much Nightie Night Miaowwwwwww



Goodnight, Sleepies and good dreamies

Purrrrrrrrr   Purrrrrrrrr

♥ ♡ ♥






Ewwwo Everyone, we have been waiting all night for our much needed rain and thunderstorms 🙂 I sat in the window waiting most of the night and again this morning, we are all prepared for a lovely big thunderstorm. “But mummy where did it go? Did someone take it away or steal it for themselves lol.”

I think they probably did Daisy May, we were all restless overnight. We are so very proud of you our Princess Daisy May because normally cats don’t like thunder at all like fireworks too. Hopefully we will get some rain and thunderstorms tonight Daisy we will hope and pray 🙂

Daisy May, that was the doorbell, its our delivery with some of your favourite ice cream cones. They are made with skimmed milk so the ice cream will be kinder to your digestive system. So, mummy eats the chocolate from the top, and you love to enjoy licking the lovely cold ice cream to the top of the cone. And mummy eats the chocolate cone down a little way, enough for Daisy to lick her ice cream, her tongue gets right into the ice cream and bites the top of the ice cream too. Yummmmmmmmy mummmmmmy. As mummy eates some more of the chocolate biscuit cone until theres enough ice cream for our Daisy May. This is the last bite now Daisy May, would you like some more Daisy? Mmmmmmmmm mummy its all round my mouth mummy I couldn’t lick it fast enough yummmmmmmy mummmmmmy, I better lick my mouth and clean my whiskers so I can get every morsal mummmy. You can finish the Chocolate cone for me mummmmy.

Mmmmmmmmmm mummy thats so much better I feel a lot more cooler now and am purrrrrrrrrrrrring with ice cream pleasure and gone to heaven and back. “Mummmmmy can I have another Ice cream?”

Daisy May, I think you have had enough Ice Cream for today, maybe tomorrow if you are a good girl. “But mummy, I am always a very good girl” :):)

We know you are a very good girl Daisy May, you rest now for a while, have a catnap in the cool little one, because it is still 27 C degrees in the bebroom and 26.5 C degrees in the living room and hotter out side with the humidity at 90% this afternoon. 

Purrrrrrrrrry Purrrrrrrrrrry Pudddddddy Cat  >^o^< ♥ ♡ ♥

We love you very much our Princess Daisy May ♥ ♡ ♥
Mummy its to warm to do anything so am going to sleepies wake me up when its supper time purrrrrrrrrrr xxxxxxx




The wild counterpart of the domestic cat has a huge territory, with males patrolling up to 175 acres. Domestic cats which have gone wild and are living in remote areas where there is unlimited space also cover impressively large areas. Typical farm cats use nearly as much space, the males ranging over 150 acres. Female farm cats are more modest, using only about fifteen acres on average. In cities, towns and suburbs, the cat population becomes almost as overcrowded as that of the human citizens. The territories of urban cats shrink to a mere fraction of the home range enjoyed by their country cousins. It has been estimated that cats living rough in London, for example, enjoy only about one-fifth of an acre each. Pampered pet cats living in their owners’ houses may be even more restricted, depending on the size of the gardens attached to the house. The maximum density recorded is one pet cat per one-fiftieth of an acre.

This degree of variation in the size of feline territories shows just how flexible the cat can be. Like people, it can adjust to a massive shrinkage of its home ground without undue suffering. From the above figures it is easy to calculate that 8,750 crowded cats could be fitted into the territory of one wild cat living in a remote part if the world. The fact that the social life of the crowded cats does not become chaotic and vicious is a testimony to the social tolerance of cats. In a way this is surprising, because people often speak of the sociability of dogs, but stress that cats are much more solitary and unsociable. They may be so by choice, but given the challenge of living whisker-by-tail with other cats, they manage remarkably well.

They achieve this high-density success in a number of ways. The most important factor is the provision of food by their owners. This removes the need for lengthy daily hunting trips. It may not remove the urge to set off on such trips, a well-fed cat remains a hunting cat, but it does reduce the determination born of an empty stomach. If they find themselves invading neighbouring territories, they can give up the hunt without starving. If restricting their hunting activities to their own cramped home ranges makes them inefficient to their prey-catchers, it might prove frustrating, but it does not lead to starvation and death. It has been demonstrated that the more food the cats are give human by their owners, the smaller their urban territories become.

Another factor helping them is the way in which their human owners divide up their own territories with fences and hedges and walls to demarcate their gardens. These provide natural boundary-lines that are easy to recognize and defend. In addition there is a permissible degree of overlapping in feline territories. Female cats often have special area where several of their home ranges overlap and  where they can meet on neutral ground. The males whose territories are always about ten times the size of those of the female, regardless of how great or small the crowding, show much more overlap. Each male will roam about on an area that takes in several female territories, enabling him to keep a permanent check on which particular queen (female) is on heat at any particular moment.

The overlapping is permitted because the cats are usually able to avoid one another as they patrol the landmarks in their patch of land. If, by accident, two of them do happen to meet up expectantly, they may threaten one another or simply keep out of each others way, watching each other’s movements and waiting their turn to visit a particular zone of the territory.

The numbers of pet cats are of course, controlled by their owners, with the neutering of adults, destruction of unwanted litters and the selling or giving away of surplus kittens. But how does the territorial arrangement of feral cats survive the inevitable production of offspring? One detailed study of dockland cats at a large port revealed that in an area of 210 acres there were ninety-five cats. Each year they produced about 400 kittens between them. This is a high figure of about ten per female, which must mean that on average each queen gave birth to two litters. In theory this would mean a fivefold increase in the population each year. In practice it was found that the population remained remarkably stable from one year to the next. The cats had established an appropriate territory size for the feral, dockland world in which they lived, and then kept to it. Closer investigation revealed that only one in eight of the kittens survived to become adults. These fifty additions to the population each year were balanced by fifty deaths among the older cats. The main cause of death here (as with most urban cat populations) was the feral road accident.



Tom-cats mark their territories by squirting a powerful jet of urine backwards on to vertical features of their environment. They aim at walls, bushes, tree-stumps, fence-posts or any landmark of a permanent kind. They are particularly attracted to places where they or other cats have sprayed in the past, adding their new odour to the traces of the old ones already clinging there.

The urine of tom-cats is notoriously strongly scented, so much so that even the inefficient human nostrils can detect it all too clearly. To the human nose it has a particularly unpleasant stench and many people are driven to having toms neutered in attempts to damp down this activity. Other cat odours are almost undetectable by humans. The glands on the head, for example, which are rubbed against objects to deposit another form of feline scent-mark, produce an odour that is of great significance to cats but goes completely unnoticed by the animals’ human owners.

Some authorities have claimed that the squirted urine acts as a threat signal to rival cats. Hard evidence is lacking, however, and many hours of patient field-observation have never revealed any reactions to support this view. If the odour left on the landmarks was truly threatening to other cats, it should intimidate them when they sniff it. They should recoil in fear and panic and slink away. Their response is just the opposite. Instead of withdrawing, they are positively attracted to the scent-marks and sniff at them with great interest.

If they are not threatening, what signals do they carry? The answer is that they function rather as newspapers do for us. Each morning we read our papers and keep up to date with what is going on n the human world. Cats wander around their territories and, by sniffing at the scent-marks, can learn all the news about the news about comings of the feline population. They can check how long it has been since their own last visit (by the degree of weakening of their scent-spray) and they can read the odour-signs of who else has passed by and sprayed, and how long ago. Each spray also carries with it considerable information about the emotional state and the individual identity of the sprayer. When a cat decides to have another spray itself, it is the feline equivalent of writing a letter to The Times, publishing a poem, and leaving a calling card, all rolled into one jet of urine.

It might be urged that the concept of scent-signalling is far-fetched and that urine-spraying by cats is simply  their method of getting rid of waste products from the body and that it has no other significance whatsoever. If a  cat has a full bladder it will spray; if it has an empty bladder it will not spray. The facts contradict this. Careful observation shows that cats perform regular spraying actions in a set routine, regardless  of the state of their bladder. If it happens to be full, then each squirt is large. If it i nearly empty, then the urine is rationed out. The number of squirts and the territorial areas which are scent-marked remain the same, no matter how much or how little liquid the cat has drunk. Indeed, if the cat has completely run out of urine, it can be seen continuing its scent-marking routine, laboriously visiting each scent-post, turning it back on it, straining and quivering its tail, and then walking away. The act of spraying has its own separate motivation of its importance in feline social life.

Although it is not generally realized, females and neutered cats of both sexes do spray jets of urine, like tom-cats. The difference is that their actions are less frequent and their scent far less pungent, o that we barely notice it.



Ewwwwo Everyone, it is still very warm today, mummy says its 27C real feel 28C degrees outside this afternoon already and its a bit cooler, not much cooler 27c degrees in the living-room and 26C degrees in the bedroom and mummy has opened all the window and all the fans are on trying to keep cool for all of us. I am am sleepies under pappies computer table which seems to be the coolest place to catnap. Mummy gave me my breakfast this morning about 7am and I had Whiskas Tuna yummmmy and gave me some Chicken Dreamies later this afternoon and made sure there was ice-cubes in all my water bowl to keep my water cold. 

Mummy made sure my Treaties Box was full today for when I am a beautiful good girl, but mummy I am always a beautiful good girl 🙂

190720131257  190720131258  190720131259

Yummmmmmmy Thank you mummmmmy xxxx


Mummy can I go to sleepies and catnap for a while is still too hot and I need to cool myself down and lick my fur, and catnap under pappy’s computer table where it is a lot cooler and cosy. Thank you Pappy for making my bed under the table I Love You Pappy xxxx



Mmmmmmmmm pappy is that prawns and fishes I can smell cooking mummy, I thought I was dreaming then I stirred and could smell the fishes and prawns cooking wafting upon the air mmmmmmm yummmmy is it for me? 🙂

Yes Daisy May, mummy is cooking some fishes and prawns with a little skimmed milk and butter for you with some carrots and green beans for your supper if your a good girl we’ll give you when we have our dinner Daisy May. But Pappy I am ever such a good girl 🙂 Purrrrrr Purrrrrr Miaowwwwwww Miaowwwwww xxx

Awwwwww yippppppeeeee thats my favourite ‘Fishes & Prawns’, I’m back to sleepies for a while, it is still very warm. Call me when it Supper time Pappy 🙂

To Be Continued….




Ewwwo Everyone, it is the hottest day today they say and it is on the Saturday a very hot weekend. I was up on the windowsill’s most of the day munching grass and looking out fir the birdies, as we saw a Bullfinch it was lovely colours with a salmon pink undercarriage, belly and a black and white head it was very pretty but when it came up to feed on the window feeder it hovered there as it saw me sitting on the windowsill. I saw him before he saw me as I was ready for Bullfinch and it shot back to the tree branch and tried to hide from me too. But I jumped up and tried to see him again but he knew I was there waiting for him, I at on the windowsill munching on some Oat Grass to see of the Bullfinch came back, but he didn’t.

2013-05-18 12.16.17  2013-05-18 12.16.24

2013-05-17 16.58.17  2013-05-17 16.58.22

That was my exercise for the day, as it is too hot to do anything else I was soo warm and tired and tried to sleepies but there was too much going on as these moths kept coming in with the light but it was to tiring so I wnet into the bedroom where mummy and pappy opened the top window to the full and closed the curtains for me to try to keep me cool. Mummy and Pappy had to pick me up and wash my eye and stroked my very warm fur with a cool wet flannel to keep my body heat down so I can lick the cool water off my fur coat. It was lovely to cool me down, but not enough. But mummy can I have an ice cream please? One of those cornet things that you eat the wafer biscuity cone and let me lick the lovely cold ice cream inside.

150720131238  150720131237  150720131236

Mmmmmmmmm thats sooo lovely yummmy mummmy Thank you Mummy Purrrrrrrr Miaowwwwww Miaowwwwwww xxxx

Mummy can I go sleepies to rest and have a catnap please mummy in the bedroom….



Ohhhhh thats better mummy and pappy I feel refreshed even though it is still too warm but we all stayed in the bedroom where it was closer. And when my mummy went back into the kitchen to make pappy and mummy cold drinks for over night and a hot chocolat before sleepies.

Mummy called out to pappy after seeing three big moths above the kitchen door on the wall which they tried to catch for me, and they brought down the moths to my level so I could play with them and catch them to eat them, mummy and pappy just stunned them for me until they came too in my paws…

150720131233  150720131232  150720131234

Mmmmmmmm Yummmmmmy Mummmmmmy xxxx

Thank you Mummy and Pappy xxx

Purrrrrrrrr Miaoww Miaoww


Sleepies Nightie Night

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxx



Ewwo Everyone, its been a “yakaday” today mummy and pappy have been good with me today, clearing after my yak after I ate my breakfast at 7am this morning, I tried to keep my breakfast down, but it got to hot that I couldn’t keep it down for much longer, I am sorry mummy I know you don’t like me being sick but my tummy didn’t feel very well, the heat and humidity has upset my tummy. I don’t know where to find any cool air it seems to be very hot everywhere I try to settle mummy 😦

Our poor little Daisy May we know it is very warm and the humidity is very high we have opened all the windows and put both fans on and it is sill 28C degrees in the living room and bedroom it is even to hot for mummy and pappy too. We just hope and pray this heatwave eases soon and we get some rainfall and a good thunderstorm soon to cool the air a bit little one. I now sweetheart you were so feeling so bad earlier, because you came to me when pappy and I were resting on the bed was resting whilst pappy was curled up asleep, you came up to tell me that you weren’t feeling right didn’t you Daisy May.

Bless you Daisy May, you have been sick and all your breakfast to, is a good thing you didn’t finish it all to, that’s why you didn’t finish your breakfast. Our poor poor little Daisy May, and you were such a very good girl, I know you felt so bad for being sick to and you hid away after bless you Daisy May. Thank you mummy for looking after me when I was sick I hate been ill, I wish it would cool down to. 😦

I don’t think this vet we went to see a few weeks back knew what he was talking about either, as the new diet he put you on since the 30th June, has also not agreed with you either Daisy May. So we have made a decision to pack up all your Whiskas Favourite Pouches which we are going to give away for other cats or to throw away as this is not the first time they have upset your tummy, plus that nasty vet didn’t know what he was talking about, as he doesn’t know your history and didn’t bother to listen to us nor your previous records. By giving you the added rice to your meals it has bloated you out and bulked you up and totally upset you whole system and thankfully we realized that after three weeks and will make a formal complaint if we have to go to see your vet again, we will make sure we will see the Nurse Helen, your favourite nurse.

Daisy we will open the top windows to the fill and close the curtains in the bedroom so you can sleepies for a while, I have left a bowl of water for you to on the windowsill. Thank you mummy, am going to sleepies for a while a catnap…

170720131241  170720131240


Later today mummy and pappy changed my dinner back to my original cat food being Whiskas Fisherman’s Choice in Jelly in my favourite flavours being Tuna, Salmon, Prawns & Whitefish the 100g pouches without the yeucky white stuff “Rice” And mummy has let me have my favourite Dreamies too which the vet stopped, what does he know eh Miaow Miaow Miaow 🙂

Mummy I feel so much happier and back to myself and I am so happy to be back on my original diet that you and pappy set for me and my veterinarian nurse okay’d on the 1st June she is my favourite nurse and she gave me lots of cuddles to and was happy with my progress and my health was excellent and that mummy and pappy looking after me very well. Thank you very much my mummy and pappy I Love so very much Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxxxx

Mummy cooked me a small piece of chicken this evening for my supper she took the skin off and roughly chopped up the meat from the bone and threw away the bone. And mixed the chopped chicken meat and mixed up with some finely chopped cooked carrot and some of the meat juices from the pan with some crispy meaty bits mmmmmmm yummmmmmy mummy I’m dribbling already mummy.

Thats better Daisy May, this is what you love to eat and you always lick your bowl clean and your beautiful fur coat is always shiny, awwwwwwwww thank you, thank you mummy I am soo looking forward to have my favourite chicken for my supper, can I have some more tomorrow too mummy:-)

And, my mummy & pappy gave me a little of their chicken in my bowl they chopped up for me yummmmmy ummmmy Thank you Mummy and Pappy Purrrrrrrrrrrrr Mioawwwwwww Mioawwwwwwww 🙂 xxx

Mummy and Pappy can I go to sleepies now it has been a very long day and I am so very tired and sleepie with this very hot heat and humidity, will come in and sleepies with mummy and pappy later when you and pappy settle for the night. Goodnight everyone…

 180720131254  180720131256

This is the coolest place I could find, under pappy’s computer table it is a great big beautiful oak antique table, pappy put a lovely pink fleece down for me to sleep on and mummy put a a pillow down for me to cover the computer wires and to lay my head on. 

Thank you my Mummy and Pappy I Love You…xxx

Putrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Z Z Z Z Z z z z  z z z