050720131183  050720131184  050720131186

“Ewwo Everyone, today is a beautiful sunny day. Mummy and Pappy just made coffee when the doorbell went. I hope there is a parcel for me too mummy? Awwwwww yes please mummy, I can smell the catnip mmmmm wow this is great catnip best I’ve had so far. Mummy says that it is Northern American Catnip.” Daisy helped to remove Sammy the Squirrel from her packaging and put some of the catnip in Sammy’s belly and gave her to Daisy and she immediately started playing, and eating catnip and eventually went in for the kill. Mummy and pappy I love Sammy Squirrel, because I can’t go outside to chase and play with Sam Squirrel and his family outside on the trees, so that’s why mummy bought me Sammy Squirrel  >^o^<

 050720131181   050720131179    

Sammy Squirrel Stuffed with North American Catnip, the best…


“Ewwo Sammy Squirrel do you want play mouse, so I can chase you, play with you, grab you in my strong paws and in full attack after I have licked your inards out, being catnip, and then can I eat you with some fava beans with a glass of ciante! But I am a feline so I can’t drink so it would have to be a saucer of Cravendale, Jog on Kitties …But Sammy Squirrel you are all mine miaow miaow miaow”

Mummy has taken some video footage of you playing with Sammy Squirrel we will put up here if we can, for everyone to enjoy watching you Daisy May…

“Mummy and pappy it is so very warm today I am so hot and tired mummy.” I know Daisy May it is 25○C already indoors, we have opened all the windows and put the fan on, so you can go and sit in your bay window, to soak up the sun rays and vitamin D into your fur you will probably lick yourself later to cool yourself down, we have put a bowl of cool water up in our bay window, but its cooler in the bedroom baby girl.

050720131187   050720131188

Well Sammy, it’s just you & me. Time to catch some shut-eye methinks. Miaow Miaow


Goodnight everyone!!

Purrrrrr Purrrrr Zzzzzzz Zzzzzzz


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