“Ewwo everybody and good morning. After a lovely night having sleepies with mummy and pappy I woke up to hear something running along the roof. Could it be my old friend Sam come back to play? I missed playing with him so much that mummy and pappy bought me my very own Sammy Squirrel toy and filled her belly with catnip. I love to play with her and catch her and flip her over so I can get to the catnip in her belly. Mmmm yummy!”

“As soon as I saw him near the window I raced across the bed, jumped onto the bedside cabinet and up onto the windowsill. Sam was trying to get to the birdie’s water feeder but couldn’t pull it up as it was too heavy. He must have seen me because he ran off as I heard him running across the roof tiles to the other window to see if there was a coconut hanging from the window, which there normally is. When he realised there wasn’t one, he scampered off and jumped back onto the branch he came from and ran back through the trees so I couldn’t see him! But I knew he was still around as I could smell him and he knows that I’ll be watching and waiting until he comes back again to play.”

“Mummy if I catch can I keep him? I’ve never tasted squirrel before and he looks yummy. Mummy and pappy said they were so proud of me for chasing him away.”

We are so proud of you Daisy May that pappy has made you another award to go with the others.

 2013-07-06 09.27.11

Thank you mummy and pappy I Love You!


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