“Twilight and White Linen”

Blessings & Greetings, our favourite poetry for we are truly blessed and honoured thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspiring writings 🙂 Lilies, Sparrows and Grass

lilies, sparrows and grass

Twilight and White Linen

Here we are and time
when I found you —

latitudes of faces,
of eyelids and shoulders,
verdant archipelago
sculptured in sapphire
the orbital fruit dangles,
from its ripening —

Twilight and white linen
stoke the hunger —

I slice zucchini
into cylinders,
slender wedges,
peppers into strips
of scarlet,
toss the cuttings
into volcanic oils of olive,
aromatic sesame —

the meat is warm
for the tasting,
pearls of rice turn amber
from the fragrant
spices —

here we are
and time.

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

*** Image by Rob Espierre

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