My Beautiful Summer Bay-Window Herb Garden where I sit and watch the world go by, whiling the day go by, R&R…

Ewwwo Everyone, such a beautiful hot summer’s sunny day is too hot and humid have been sleeping most the morning already I don’t know where to go to find the coolest place to be. Mummy says its 25.5 C degrees indoors with all the windows open and the big fan machine which blows out lots of air which keeps us all cooler. Am sitting in my windowsill in the bedroom to keep cool.

100720131196  100720131197

Oooohhh thats better mummy feels cooler in here by the window 🙂

Mummy has sown some more Oat Grass seeds for me in my Poubelle in my windowsill in here and also in my Bay-Window Herb Garden and the Green beans I think are the long windy vines up those funny long poles. Mummy says they will produce some runner and green beans for me to munch on when they are ready. Mummy has put out a bowl of fresh water for me on the Bay-Window for me to drink when I want to, Thank you Mummy Purrrrrrrrrrr



My Runner & Green Beans…


My Oat Grass seeds sown & Water Bowl…

Last night and early hours this morning, we couldn’t sleep because of the heat was to humid it was 25 C degrees last night, here in our bedroom and living room with all the windows open over night, pappy was working on his computer and I was trying to catch all the moths that flew in last night, they were attracted to the light and pappy stopped to help me catch the smaller moths, but there is a massive moth which is the biggest that I have ever seen but it won’t come out for me to play with it and eat it. Hopefully it will come out later during the day. I will ask mummy and pappy to seek the big moth out for me so I can catch it…meanwhile, I am resting while it s too hot to do anything but to sleepies is making me feeling so tired and sleepy, mummy and pappy say that I need to drink some more water to keep myself hydrated, I will have a drink when I wake up. I lick my fur to keep myself cool too. I think mummy and pappy are feeling tired too because of the humidity and heat remember mummy and pappy you have got to drink plenty too. Purrrrrrrrrr


100720131198  100720131199

Ooooohhhh mummy you took this one at the wrong time, everyone can see my muffin tops…

100720131200  100720131201

Its a lot cooler today can you feel the cool breeze this afternoon mummy, I like these jingle jangl y copper shiny tube things which chime when the breeze moves them…

The door bell went and postman brought some parcels for mummy, they look nice mummy “is there anything for me mummy? Awwww this is lovely and soft can I lay on this one, mummy, can I paddy-pad dribble and catnap on the lovey soft and yummy one…”

100720131204  100720131207

Mummy’s lovely soft robe…



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