Ewwwo Everyone, it is the hottest day today they say and it is on the Saturday a very hot weekend. I was up on the windowsill’s most of the day munching grass and looking out fir the birdies, as we saw a Bullfinch it was lovely colours with a salmon pink undercarriage, belly and a black and white head it was very pretty but when it came up to feed on the window feeder it hovered there as it saw me sitting on the windowsill. I saw him before he saw me as I was ready for Bullfinch and it shot back to the tree branch and tried to hide from me too. But I jumped up and tried to see him again but he knew I was there waiting for him, I at on the windowsill munching on some Oat Grass to see of the Bullfinch came back, but he didn’t.

2013-05-18 12.16.17  2013-05-18 12.16.24

2013-05-17 16.58.17  2013-05-17 16.58.22

That was my exercise for the day, as it is too hot to do anything else I was soo warm and tired and tried to sleepies but there was too much going on as these moths kept coming in with the light but it was to tiring so I wnet into the bedroom where mummy and pappy opened the top window to the full and closed the curtains for me to try to keep me cool. Mummy and Pappy had to pick me up and wash my eye and stroked my very warm fur with a cool wet flannel to keep my body heat down so I can lick the cool water off my fur coat. It was lovely to cool me down, but not enough. But mummy can I have an ice cream please? One of those cornet things that you eat the wafer biscuity cone and let me lick the lovely cold ice cream inside.

150720131238  150720131237  150720131236

Mmmmmmmmm thats sooo lovely yummmy mummmy Thank you Mummy Purrrrrrrr Miaowwwwww Miaowwwwwww xxxx

Mummy can I go sleepies to rest and have a catnap please mummy in the bedroom….



Ohhhhh thats better mummy and pappy I feel refreshed even though it is still too warm but we all stayed in the bedroom where it was closer. And when my mummy went back into the kitchen to make pappy and mummy cold drinks for over night and a hot chocolat before sleepies.

Mummy called out to pappy after seeing three big moths above the kitchen door on the wall which they tried to catch for me, and they brought down the moths to my level so I could play with them and catch them to eat them, mummy and pappy just stunned them for me until they came too in my paws…

150720131233  150720131232  150720131234

Mmmmmmmm Yummmmmmy Mummmmmmy xxxx

Thank you Mummy and Pappy xxx

Purrrrrrrrr Miaoww Miaoww


Sleepies Nightie Night

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxx


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