Ewwo Everyone, its been a “yakaday” today mummy and pappy have been good with me today, clearing after my yak after I ate my breakfast at 7am this morning, I tried to keep my breakfast down, but it got to hot that I couldn’t keep it down for much longer, I am sorry mummy I know you don’t like me being sick but my tummy didn’t feel very well, the heat and humidity has upset my tummy. I don’t know where to find any cool air it seems to be very hot everywhere I try to settle mummy 😦

Our poor little Daisy May we know it is very warm and the humidity is very high we have opened all the windows and put both fans on and it is sill 28C degrees in the living room and bedroom it is even to hot for mummy and pappy too. We just hope and pray this heatwave eases soon and we get some rainfall and a good thunderstorm soon to cool the air a bit little one. I now sweetheart you were so feeling so bad earlier, because you came to me when pappy and I were resting on the bed was resting whilst pappy was curled up asleep, you came up to tell me that you weren’t feeling right didn’t you Daisy May.

Bless you Daisy May, you have been sick and all your breakfast to, is a good thing you didn’t finish it all to, that’s why you didn’t finish your breakfast. Our poor poor little Daisy May, and you were such a very good girl, I know you felt so bad for being sick to and you hid away after bless you Daisy May. Thank you mummy for looking after me when I was sick I hate been ill, I wish it would cool down to. 😦

I don’t think this vet we went to see a few weeks back knew what he was talking about either, as the new diet he put you on since the 30th June, has also not agreed with you either Daisy May. So we have made a decision to pack up all your Whiskas Favourite Pouches which we are going to give away for other cats or to throw away as this is not the first time they have upset your tummy, plus that nasty vet didn’t know what he was talking about, as he doesn’t know your history and didn’t bother to listen to us nor your previous records. By giving you the added rice to your meals it has bloated you out and bulked you up and totally upset you whole system and thankfully we realized that after three weeks and will make a formal complaint if we have to go to see your vet again, we will make sure we will see the Nurse Helen, your favourite nurse.

Daisy we will open the top windows to the fill and close the curtains in the bedroom so you can sleepies for a while, I have left a bowl of water for you to on the windowsill. Thank you mummy, am going to sleepies for a while a catnap…

170720131241  170720131240


Later today mummy and pappy changed my dinner back to my original cat food being Whiskas Fisherman’s Choice in Jelly in my favourite flavours being Tuna, Salmon, Prawns & Whitefish the 100g pouches without the yeucky white stuff “Rice” And mummy has let me have my favourite Dreamies too which the vet stopped, what does he know eh Miaow Miaow Miaow 🙂

Mummy I feel so much happier and back to myself and I am so happy to be back on my original diet that you and pappy set for me and my veterinarian nurse okay’d on the 1st June she is my favourite nurse and she gave me lots of cuddles to and was happy with my progress and my health was excellent and that mummy and pappy looking after me very well. Thank you very much my mummy and pappy I Love so very much Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxxxx

Mummy cooked me a small piece of chicken this evening for my supper she took the skin off and roughly chopped up the meat from the bone and threw away the bone. And mixed the chopped chicken meat and mixed up with some finely chopped cooked carrot and some of the meat juices from the pan with some crispy meaty bits mmmmmmm yummmmmmy mummy I’m dribbling already mummy.

Thats better Daisy May, this is what you love to eat and you always lick your bowl clean and your beautiful fur coat is always shiny, awwwwwwwww thank you, thank you mummy I am soo looking forward to have my favourite chicken for my supper, can I have some more tomorrow too mummy:-)

And, my mummy & pappy gave me a little of their chicken in my bowl they chopped up for me yummmmmy ummmmy Thank you Mummy and Pappy Purrrrrrrrrrrrr Mioawwwwwww Mioawwwwwwww 🙂 xxx

Mummy and Pappy can I go to sleepies now it has been a very long day and I am so very tired and sleepie with this very hot heat and humidity, will come in and sleepies with mummy and pappy later when you and pappy settle for the night. Goodnight everyone…

 180720131254  180720131256

This is the coolest place I could find, under pappy’s computer table it is a great big beautiful oak antique table, pappy put a lovely pink fleece down for me to sleep on and mummy put a a pillow down for me to cover the computer wires and to lay my head on. 

Thank you my Mummy and Pappy I Love You…xxx

Putrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Z Z Z Z Z z z z  z z z 


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