Ewwwwo Everyone, it is still very warm today, mummy says its 27C real feel 28C degrees outside this afternoon already and its a bit cooler, not much cooler 27c degrees in the living-room and 26C degrees in the bedroom and mummy has opened all the window and all the fans are on trying to keep cool for all of us. I am am sleepies under pappies computer table which seems to be the coolest place to catnap. Mummy gave me my breakfast this morning about 7am and I had Whiskas Tuna yummmmy and gave me some Chicken Dreamies later this afternoon and made sure there was ice-cubes in all my water bowl to keep my water cold. 

Mummy made sure my Treaties Box was full today for when I am a beautiful good girl, but mummy I am always a beautiful good girl 🙂

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Yummmmmmmy Thank you mummmmmy xxxx


Mummy can I go to sleepies and catnap for a while is still too hot and I need to cool myself down and lick my fur, and catnap under pappy’s computer table where it is a lot cooler and cosy. Thank you Pappy for making my bed under the table I Love You Pappy xxxx



Mmmmmmmmm pappy is that prawns and fishes I can smell cooking mummy, I thought I was dreaming then I stirred and could smell the fishes and prawns cooking wafting upon the air mmmmmmm yummmmy is it for me? 🙂

Yes Daisy May, mummy is cooking some fishes and prawns with a little skimmed milk and butter for you with some carrots and green beans for your supper if your a good girl we’ll give you when we have our dinner Daisy May. But Pappy I am ever such a good girl 🙂 Purrrrrr Purrrrrr Miaowwwwwww Miaowwwwww xxx

Awwwwww yippppppeeeee thats my favourite ‘Fishes & Prawns’, I’m back to sleepies for a while, it is still very warm. Call me when it Supper time Pappy 🙂

To Be Continued….



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