Ewwwo Everyone, we have been waiting all night for our much needed rain and thunderstorms 🙂 I sat in the window waiting most of the night and again this morning, we are all prepared for a lovely big thunderstorm. “But mummy where did it go? Did someone take it away or steal it for themselves lol.”

I think they probably did Daisy May, we were all restless overnight. We are so very proud of you our Princess Daisy May because normally cats don’t like thunder at all like fireworks too. Hopefully we will get some rain and thunderstorms tonight Daisy we will hope and pray 🙂

Daisy May, that was the doorbell, its our delivery with some of your favourite ice cream cones. They are made with skimmed milk so the ice cream will be kinder to your digestive system. So, mummy eats the chocolate from the top, and you love to enjoy licking the lovely cold ice cream to the top of the cone. And mummy eats the chocolate cone down a little way, enough for Daisy to lick her ice cream, her tongue gets right into the ice cream and bites the top of the ice cream too. Yummmmmmmmy mummmmmmy. As mummy eates some more of the chocolate biscuit cone until theres enough ice cream for our Daisy May. This is the last bite now Daisy May, would you like some more Daisy? Mmmmmmmmm mummy its all round my mouth mummy I couldn’t lick it fast enough yummmmmmmy mummmmmmy, I better lick my mouth and clean my whiskers so I can get every morsal mummmy. You can finish the Chocolate cone for me mummmmy.

Mmmmmmmmmm mummy thats so much better I feel a lot more cooler now and am purrrrrrrrrrrrring with ice cream pleasure and gone to heaven and back. “Mummmmmy can I have another Ice cream?”

Daisy May, I think you have had enough Ice Cream for today, maybe tomorrow if you are a good girl. “But mummy, I am always a very good girl” :):)

We know you are a very good girl Daisy May, you rest now for a while, have a catnap in the cool little one, because it is still 27 C degrees in the bebroom and 26.5 C degrees in the living room and hotter out side with the humidity at 90% this afternoon. 

Purrrrrrrrrry Purrrrrrrrrrry Pudddddddy Cat  >^o^< ♥ ♡ ♥

We love you very much our Princess Daisy May ♥ ♡ ♥
Mummy its to warm to do anything so am going to sleepies wake me up when its supper time purrrrrrrrrrr xxxxxxx



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