Ewwo Everyone, look what mummy made for me when I need or want my personal space and when it thunders I can hide away which is only a short jump from mummy’s side of their lovely soft big bed. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will do when no-ones looking, so mummy and pappy can’t find me hehehe 🙂 We could always play sharades mummy hehehe 🙂

But, mummy knows I like a lovelt soft cosy high place I can hide away and catnap miaowwwww



Thank you mummy looks lovely and cosy…


Mummy you’ve put squirrel there too…

And look Daisy May I have sprinkled some of your favourite valerian and catnip in there too. I also put your other pink fleece, the same as you have under the computer table in the living room. So you can snuggle up in your new cubby hole, hide away. We made sure you have somewhere to hide when it thunders, if it does, it well overdue, we know you can feel the thunderstorms coming Daisy May as you keep going wappy and chasing invisible mouses around the flat, being spooked indeed. Hopefully it will rain and thunder soon little one, so wevcan breath in some fresh cool air and the land will be watered, so we will hope and pray for the heavy rain and thunderstorms to come to us here in our small estate. We  know you are under the computer table catnapping time to wake you up Daisy May!



Well Daisy May its time for your super as it is 11.16pm already and is also time for your denal bites too, and need to put some ice cubes inmyour drinking water. Thamk you my mummy and pappy, I Love You very much Nightie Night Miaowwwwwww



Goodnight, Sleepies and good dreamies

Purrrrrrrrr   Purrrrrrrrr

♥ ♡ ♥





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