About Me…My Personal Details…


I am a short hair, black & white female puss cat.

I am 10 years old, with the mind and spirit of a 6 years & 3/4’s

I am not sure what date I was born, but I know I was born in 2003

I am 2 feet long nose to tail and 17.1/2 inches round my middle

I was handed in to the Cat Protection Bournemouth and taken to CP Southampton on 19th April 2013 and placed in a CP foster home since 27/04/2013. But on the 11/05/2013, a family found me, they got an email to say everything about me, and they were offered a home visit after connecting with my foster parent. And on the 11/05/2013 they came to see me, with view to adopt me and take me home with them.

I was fostered by Tabitha Cook on 27/04/2013

I was micro chipped on 24/04/2013

My weight is 5.5kg on the 24/04 and weighed again on the 01/06/2013 @ 5.75kg Oooops!

I had my injections, worms medicine and flea treatment on the 19/04/2013

And my last injection, flea treatment and check over before I am re-homed, as I am looking forward to have a new permanent home and loving family was on 11/05/2013.

My new Mummy and Pappy adopted me and brought me HOME on the 11/05/201.

My second annual injection and flea treatment was on the 01/06/2013 which was the first visit to my new vets.

I am a quiet cat, yet I can be wild when I want to be. I love to chase moths and spiders, watching the birdies and butterflies. I play with all my toys and mummy’s crochet yarn, and when I sleep, I dream of how many birdies I can fit in my mouth in one go. I am very affectionate and love my cuddles and kisses. I am looking for a trustworthy loving, clean, environment, with a mature family surround, who will give me as much love and affection that I deserve, but also who will never leave me, will never hurt me and who understands me. I have allergies but I am not sure what they are, bit they make me over-groom  myself sometimes, through stress from my previous owner, which caused some of my fur come out and sometimes my eye weeps so I can’t open my eye properly, so my lovely mummy and pappy take me to see the doctor to make me feel better. But my new loving caring mummy and pappy look after me and love me very much.  ♥>^o^♥

My mummy and pappy make I have a special diet as I meed to eat properly for my allergies. I can still have a tasty stick and dreamy treat if I m a very good girl. And mummy also prepares a special fresh dinner with fish and prawns, or chicken with rice or pasta as it is very important for all cats like me to have a balance of Protein & Carbohydrates in our diet, to make us who we are. And more importantly for good wellbeing, strong bones and good skin. Mummy also gives me the odd slither of that mild cheddar cheese we love too. I Love you so very much my mummy and pappy. I hope that all the other thousands of rescue, homeless and sick puss cat are being looked after and pray that one day their dreams will come true for s loving and caring new family and secure home. ♥ >^o^< ♥

My favourite is Catnip & Valerian, and I love my treats, I love my cuddles, kisses, all the time. I love watching the birdies in the window especially the Robins, Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Great Tits and Long Tailed Tits, I am unable to hunt properly  But I can dream of the hunt and I can count how many birdies I can fit inside my mouth, mmmmmm yummmmmy delicious birdies, but we like to play with our prey before the kill. Because I am an indoor cat, I have spent most of my life  up to now indoors. But, my new mummy & pappy have everything I could possibly want and need keeping everything as natural it would be, and there are a few rules. I have ventured in my new surroundings, and love exploring. But there’s one room in the my new home where I am not allowed to go in, because that’s where naughty cats go, but I am a beautiful Princess and am a very good cat. It is called the Bathroom, where humans use their litter box and wash themselves when they are dirty!

NOTES: Stable Close Veterinary Helen vet nurse.

I had to go to my new vet doctor on the 1st June 2013. Mummy and Pappy were told that I was in good condition and my teeth and gum were and are healthy. That my Skin was good and my fur is growing well back. That my weight a touch over but not to go any further up so we will have to watch your weight Daisy. Lots more exercise and play time for you Missi Daisy!

To be continued….


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