RATTIES   26042013875

RATTIES in Ceramic Bowl & Ratties asleep on a sheepskin rug…

   110620131110   110620131107

          Scratching post; Mummy and Pappy got me a Scratching Mat; 

26042013884    26042013889

  My travel carry box kitted out with a soft blankie and Molly Mouse; Soft fur blankie and Molly Mouse…

110620131104   110620131106

My Bristle Brush, Fine Comb and Flea Comb, but I don’t get Fleas! and my Moby Monster Fork & Spoon…

26042013882   110620131113

Awwwwwww Mummy is this all my food and my treaties? Yummmmmmmy Mummy

26042013893   26042013892

Top Cat Food Place Mat: My Catkins Ceramic Food Dish and Water bowl…

26042013880   110620131103

My Wood Litter; Pooh Bags; Poop-a-scoop; Litter Mat to protect and keep floor clean; Pet disinfectant for cleaning litter box and areas where Daisy goes and cleaning up after the odd spillage or the odd coughed up fur ball!; But mummy where is my Litter Box? Did you forget to get it…No Daisy, here it is ready for you to use…


This is my bedding and where some of my playthings are, but I love my ball of yarn best, mummy made me a toy with lots of catnip and there is a special ball there mummy put my treats in so when I play with it lets some treats out which is fun… but I love to play mousy with mummy yarn. But mummy where is the Birdie hanging above my bed?


That’s better mummy can you see my birdie hanging over my bed…

Awwww thank you my mummy and pappy I Love You so very much

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xxxxx


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