MY NEW FOOD REGIME & DIET Started 12/05/2013

Body Weight: 5.5kg (approx 12lb.1oz) 24/04/2013

Body Weight: 5.7.5kg (approx 12lb.7oz) 01/06/2013

Body Weight: 6.22 kg (approx 13lb.68oz) 08/08/2013

10% of 5.5kg = (500g) per day

10% of 5.7.5kg = (575g) per day

Following Daisy’s previous diet amounts by her Forsterer was 3x Pouches semi-moist food (no dry complete foods, as it upsets my digestive system) Has treats as a complementary food instead of dried food.


We have sourced all the good vegetables and herbs Daisy and other cats can eat with no harm

But I have found with raw grated carrot that it sends her wappy, as in catnip…after reading up on Carrots and Cats…there is a certain chemical in raw carrot that is very similar to catnip to a cat and has the same affect. We have given 1 tsp pf raw grated carrot and finely chopped flat leaf parsley and daisy will clean her dish every time. But since we have learnt about the effects of raw carrot we now make sure her carrot is cooked, boiled or baked. We have learnt also that cats love, celery  leaves, green beans, peas, broccoli and greens oh yes and they love steamed parsnip and pumpkin/squash too. We have two allotments and growing our own organic vegetables. We have stared Daisy May back on her original diet as it was with Tabitha her previous Fosterer way back in April 2013.



Complete pet food for adult cats.

Composition: Meat and animal derivatives, Vegetable protein extracts, Fish and fish derivatives (tuna, salmon, plaice, cod 4%), Minerals, Various sugars.

ADDITIVES: Nutritional additives: IU/kg: Vit A: 1 490; Vit D3: 230; Vit E: 17; mg/kg: Fe (E1): 10; 1 (E2): 0.3; Cu (E4): 0.9; Mn (E5): 2.0; Zn (E6): 10.

Technological additives: mg/mg: E499: 2 650.

Analytical constituents: Moisture 80.0%, Protein 13.0%, Fat content 3%, Crude ash 2.2%, Crude fibres 0.5%, Linoleic acid (Omega 6 Fatty Acids) 0.2%.

100% of your cat’s daily needs.

Vitamins D&E

Minerals Balanced

Source of Omega 6.

As Good As It Looks…is a range of delicious meals whixh look and smell so meaty, it looks like food you might have cooked yourself. Specially prepared with tender meaty pieces in a succulent jelly, your cat will find it irresistable at every mealtime. Also, FELIX As Good As It Looks is available in a wide range of fishy and meaty flavours to satisfy your cat’s love of variety.


Original Mix: Flavoured with Chicken, Liver & Turkey. Containing Vitamins, Proteins, Omega 6.

3/4 pouch remaining on 24/05/2013

Seaside Mix: Flavoured with Salmon, Pollock & Trout. Containing Vitamins, Proteins, Omega 6.

1+3/4 pouches remaining on 24/05/2013

WEBBOX TASTY STICKS 30g each Thee are my favouries!!

Salmon & Trout Sticks. 6 Tasty Sticks in one pack (individually packed)

12x Sticks 30/05/2013 

Chicken & Sticks. 6 Tasty Sticks in one pack (individually packed)

12x Sticks 30/05/2013

Turkey & Lamb. 6 Tasty Sticks in one pack (individually packed)

12x Sticks 30/05/2013

My mom is ordering me some more because they are my favourite yummmmm in my tummmmy Purrrrrr


The tasty cat treat for healthy teeth and gums.

Complementary food for Cats over the age of 10  months.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed 8 pieces per day. It may not be suitable for cats that are reluctant to chew.

Fresh drinking water should be available.

Composition: Cereals, Vegetables protein extracts, meat and animal derivatives, oils and fats, minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin (including 1% green tea)

Anaylitical Costituents: (%) protein: 25/fat content: 8/Inorganic matter: 7/Crude fibers:2

Aditives per kg: Antioxidants/Nutritional additives: Vitamins A: 12596 IU, Vitamins D3: 1386 IU, Cupric sulphate pentahydrate: 6mg. Manganous sulphate monohydrate: 26mg. Potassium iodide: 1mg. Zinc sulphate monohydrate: 115mg/Technological additives: Pentasodium triphosphate: 1745mg.

HOME COOKED FRESH FOOD Given once or twice a week

This recipe is a wholefood and hearty home cooked food recipe that can also be used with kittens and adult cats. You can omit the milk powder if you like. Some cats are unable to stomach milk. So here is the recipe which can be used with minced beef or lamb. You can substitute the meat for chicken or turkey too!


200g Wholewheat Pasta (Use Spaghetti or other pasta which is easiest for your cat to eat. (My Thomas used to love spaghetti)

500g Miced Beef, Lamb or Chicken or Turkey

3x Eggshell Crushed*

2 tbsp powdered milk ( made up into a pate with a small amount of warm water)

1 cup chopped Carrots

1 cup sliced Green beans

3 tbsp Soya bean Oil

Here’s How To Make:

1)  Boil the minced meat or poultry in a pot of water for about 25 minutes. Drain and save the water. You will need the liquid in the next step.

2)  Using the water from the boiled meat or poultry to boil the pasta, until it is just overcooked. The pasta needs to be mushy.

3) Take the pasta off the heat, drain the pasta and add the pre-drained minced meat or poultry to the pasta, mix it all well, and then mush it all up with a potato masher. Add the milk and crushed egg shell powder to the mixture.

4) Next, to add the soyabean oil to a pan over a low heat and add the vegetables (Carrots and green beans). Once the vegetables have softened slightly then drain and add them to the other ingredients. Once you have mixed the whole mixture together well then mash again.

5) This should be Done. This recipe should also be enough to last 12 servings. Best to separate the mixture into 12 portions. You can use disposible pudding cups put them in the freezer. Once frozen will only keep for a month!

6) When you need to use defrost one in the fridge one day in advance, and cannot be re:frozen!!

* Crushed Eggshells = It is really important to wash the eggshells, to stop salmenela. So wash and dry 3 eggshells, put them in the oven at 190 C degrees for about 20 minutes or until they are indeed bone dry! Using a heavy pestle and mortar crush the eggshell into a fine powder.

I have read in previous blog, shared by Cat Nutrtionalist Liz Eastwood. Recommending you can add a couple of tablespoons of brewers yeast to the food once its defrosted. I use one tablespoon per serving, twice a day! (duh) Also, if you like, you can add 2 tablespoons of codliver oil to the recipe after the finished mixture has cooled down slightly. Codliver oil is rich in vitamin D which is great for growing bones! But please don’t try to be over-enthusiastic and add too much, it can be dangerous! You put your beloved kitty at risk of vitamin A toxicity as codliver oil is rich in vitamin A too!

In the meantime here are some recipes for home-cooked whole food we have cooked and prepared for Daisy over the last 2 weeks. We omit her evening main meal for her fresh food, we give her twice a week. We have consulted with her new vet and she is very happy for us to alternate Daisy May’s food with conventional Whiskas and Home Cooked and prepared food that she thoroughly enjoys and licked her bowl clean after. Yummmmmy mummmy thank you mummy Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs 🙂


*Daisy May’s new vet has recommended that we keep on giving and preparing fresh food which fantastic, we knew she would. So we need to omit one conventional meal for a freshly cooked meal, which would be usually Daisy’s evening meal, or sometimes her supper. But if it her supper to be a very light meal.

MY FRESH FOOD MENU ‘My Mummy makes for me’. 

1) Roasted Chicken Thigh with white Rice, Peas with meat juices and fats

Approx amount: 85g (Favourite)

2) Pot Roasted Brisket of Beef with white Rice, Peas with meat juices and fats

Approx amount: 85g 

3) Broiled Gammon with Carrot, Potato with meat juices and fats

Approx amount: 85g

4) Poached fresh White Fish with green beans, carrots and a tsp: poaching liquid of skimmed milk and butter

Approx amount: 85g (Favourite)

5) Pot Roasted Breast of Lamb, with pasta (spaghetti), green beans, carrots and a tsp: meaty gravy

Approx amount: 85g

6) Bison Mince with pasta (spaghetti), green beans, carrots and meaty gravy with the meat juices and fat.

Approx amount: 85g (Ultimate favourite)

7) Braised Minced Beef with pasta (spaghetti), peas, carrots and meaty gravy with the meat juices and fat.

Approx amount: 85g

8) Gourmet White Fish & Prawns Poached in semi-skimmed milk and unsalted butter, carrots julienne, green beans and parsley.

Approx amount: 85g

New Diet Regime for Allergies started 30th June 2013 By her new male Vet which she does not like at all.

1) Roasted or Poached Chicken and skinned and de-boned. Chopped into small bite sized pieces, mixed with boiled white rice and finely chopped parsely.

Approx: 100g

2) Poached White fish and cooked prawns with a very small amount of semi-skimmed milk and a small knob of unsalted butter, drained and mixed with cooked white rice and finely chopped parsley. (Flat-Leaf Italian Parsley)

Approx: 100g

3) Poached Turkey breast filet with boiled white rice and finely chopped parsley.

Approx: 100g

*Feeding 3pouches a day omitting two evening meals a week for alternative fresh food with cooked boiled white rice.

The whiskas pouches & Fish or Chicken being the Protein and the Boiled White Rice or pasta being the Carbohydrates. As it is imperative that a healthy cat has a balanced diet of Protein and Carbohydrates indeed. Especially if your cat has Allergies unknown.


*Pasta: Spaghetti is the easiest for Daisy to eat and can be chopped up.

* Chinese Egg Noodles as an alternative to spaghetti and rice

* Buckwheat maybe also an alternative grain organic.

*When cooking meat Chicken is usually roasted, minced beef, bison is usually braised in water with the vegetables cut up and use some of the juices for gravy and add a very few gravy granules if needed.

Although we are pretty much sure that Daisy May’s previous owner caused her so much stress that she over-groomed herself that resulted in Daisy losing more than half of her fur, which has been growing back since 11th May 2013, since we adopted Daisy May and have changed her to an appropriate diet and she now has a new lease of life God Bless her, we are so very blessed to have Daisy May in our life and is a God Send to us in our family. Thanks to the Lord and he Holy Spirit Heaven Sent. AMEN.,

As for Daisy Mays new senior veterinarian he does not know what he is talking about for sure, as we are both very much annoyed by his arrogant persona and the way he condemed and blamed us for not looking after Daisy May, when in fact she came to us in her unfortunate condition which was caused purely by stress. We have been told she may have an allergy, but, as far as we can see that Daisy May’s condition has greatly improved since we have adopted Daisy May, and continues to do so, with the LORD with us every step of the way and Daisy May telling us exactly what she wants which she does.


After Daisy May being sick this morning which is the second time she has vomited up her new food and rice. The vet said to try her on this diet of her normal Whiskas with boiled rice at each meal, which we worked out all the amounts and weighed everything to make sure it was to the ‘T’ so to speak. Which we started on the 1st July and stopped on today at our wits end. We have seen our Princess Daisy May, loose her sheen on her beautiful fur, we have noticed that she has lost her bright spirit and acting as if she is 10 years old instead of her normal bouncy, playful inquisitive 6&3/4’s which has been very sad. So after she was very sick this morning we made a conscious decision to stop this diabolical regime NOW.

So, we packed all her old pouches she had left 30 pouches of the stuff she absolutely hated and we would want to eat it if we had been sick on it twice. Plus the boiled rice which has been bloating her out and has completely upset her whole system.

So we thew away the old pouches and threw away the cooked boiled rice! And I went out and got two boxes of her favourite fishy pouches 2x boxes of 12x100g pouches (24) Whiskas Fisherman’s Choice, (100% Organic & Complete) without the dreaded Rice!! So, we gave a few of Daisy’s Dreamies to see if she could hold in her  tummy, which she did, even though she was very weary after vomiting her breakfast up, bless her. But she did and we gave Daisy her first pouch of her regime reverting back to her original diet which we started her on when she came to us on 11/05/2013. So we start as we mean to go on. It has been one full day since Daisy has been back on her original diet and what a turn about indeed, is back to her self again, even though it is so very hot and very humidity is very high for us all. So here is Daisy’s Orginal Diet Regime 🙂

Whiskas Fisherman’s Choice 12x100g Pouches

Tuna, Salmon, Prawns and Whitefish in Jelly her favourite

Friday 7:00 am: 1x 100g Pouch

* Daisy can have a few treats or one tasty stick if she want it! (No more than 12 dreamies).

Friday 5:00 pm: 1x 100g Pouch

Friday 9.00 pm: Freshly cooked Chicken or Fish & Prawns with carrots and green beans approx amount 85g

Bedtime: usually 11.30pm 8x Dental Bites

No changes this is a set regime not to be broken!!!


One thought on “MY NEW FOOD REGIME & DIET Started 12/05/2013

  1. We are growing our carrots and green beans which give full nutrition and will be tastier to. I wonder if we can use fish too and to add codliver oil for omega goodness. Will have to ask Liz Cat our Cat Nurtionalist and fellow Cat Lover 🙂

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