The cat is often characterized as a solitary, selfish animal, walking alone and coming together with other cats only to fight or mate.  When cats are living wild, with plenty of space, it is true that they do fit this picture reasonably well, but they become more crowded.  Living in cities and towns, and in the homes of their human owners, cats show a remarkable and unexpected degree of sociability.

Anyone doubting this must remember that, to a pet cat, we ourselves are giant cats.  The  fact that domestic cats will share a home with a human family is, in itself, proof of their social flexibility.  But this is only part of the story.  There are many other ways in which cats demonstrate co-operation, mutual aid,  and tolerance.  This is particularly noticeable when a female is having kittens.  Other females have known to act as midwives, helping to chew through the umbilical cords and clean up the new-born offspring.  Later they may offer a babysitting service, bring food for the new mother, and occasionally feed young from other litters as well as their own.  Even males sometimes show a little paternal feeling, cleaning kittens and playing with them.

These are not usual activities, but despite the fact that they are uncommon occurrences, they do reveal that the cat is capable, under special circumstances, of behaving in a less selfish way than we might expect.

Territorial behaviour also involves also involves some degree of restraint and sharing.  Cats do their best to avoid one another, and often use the same ranges at different times as a way of reducing conflict.  In addition there are special no-cat’s land areas where social ‘clubs’ can develop.  These are parts of the environment where, for some reason, cats call a general truce and come together without too much fighting.  This is common with feral city cats, where there may be a special feeding site.  If humans throw food out for them there, they may gather quite peacefully to share it.  Close proximity is tolerated in a way that would be unthinkable in the ‘Home-Base’ regions of these cats.

Considering these facts, some authorities have gone so far as to say that cats are truly gregarious and that their society is more co-operative than that of dogs, but this is romantic exaggeration.  The Truth is that, where social life is concerned, cats are opportunists.  They can take it or leave it.  Dogs, on the other hand, can never leave it.  A  solidarity cat is, if anything, relived to be left in  peace.

If this so, then how can we explain the mutual aid examples given above?  Some are due to the fact that we have turned domestic cats into overgrown kittens.  By continuing to feed them and care  for them we prolong their juvenile qualities.  Like Peter Pan, they never grow up mentally, even though they become mature adults physically.  Kittens are playful and friendly with their litter-mates and with their mothers, so they are used to acting together in a small group.  This quality can be added to later adult activities, making them less wild  in cities, where there is little space, adapt to their shrunken territories out of necessity, rather than by preference.

Some animals can live only in close-knit social groups.  Others can tolerate only a completely solitary existence.   The cat’s flexibility means that it can accept either mode of living, and it is this that has been a key factor in its long success story since it first domesticated thousands of years ago’.

Written By Lizzie Christian Copyrighted (c) 26th May 2016.



The story of Simon’s Cat

Why Evolution Is True

Animator Simon Tofield has produced a brand-new biographical cartoon telling the story of how he got into animation, how the “Simon’s Cat” series came about, and how he makes those adorable videos. He reveals, for instance, that he has four cats, whose antics are all amalgamated into the unnamed cartoon moggie, and that it takes two to three months to do a single three-minute animation.

If you appreciate Tofield’s efforts (and I know you do), you might drop by Tofield’s website or even purchase a Simon’s Cat-themed product. You’ll see a new “Simon’s kitten,” too!

h/t: Michael

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New York Harbor, One September

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lilies, sparrows and grass

New York Harbor, One September

… a September memory, 2001

September comes
with its whimsical wind,
and the bittern’s barbaric yawp
echoes across the creek,
a snowfall of seagulls perch
upon the jetty,
as we hoist our sails
at the mouth of the bay —

the sloop floats like paper
by a little boy’s breath,
past inlet coves and marinas:
we reach the Harbor,
the sun’s golden glint turns to rust,
the air is clothed
with subtle shrouds of grey
for weeping —

far off into the distance the skyline
is a ghastly dream,
of two towers,
and the salt air mingles with smoke
and burning steel,
ashened mortar,
the  putrescence
of flesh and flowers —

we turn around,
maneuver the wind,
the charts and tides,
to reach our own secluded harbor,
cradled by the arms of moonlight—
we throw down the anchor,
fall sleep under a cupola

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“Swept by Surprise to Moonlit Shores”

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lilies, sparrows and grass

Swept by Surprise to Moonlit Shores

Is there a weeping too deep
for the knowing,
when beauty seeps into the open
pores of the soul,
descends to the ocean floors
of our breathing,
swept by surprise to moonlit shores
by irregular tides —

Beauty astounds,
ruffles the colors of the corals,
disrupts the nettled pearling
of the oysters,
the wanderings of hermit crabs,
the tapestral flowering of anemones
upon the glaucous-velvet rocks —

Underneath, where it is very deep,
the blinding light dazzles,
it reaches upwards
to interminable heights,
from the tide pool to the far distance
where ancient stars blossom
incandescent pink —

Tell me,
are there waters warm enough,
is there salt enough
to mold the tears that fall
from the wonder of it all?

by D. G. Vachal © 2013

Author’s Note:  My allusion to looking from the tide pool to the stars is inspired by…

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“The Old Paths, The Good Way”

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lilies, sparrows and grass

The Old Paths, The Good Way

When we are in a state of great distress and perplexity, it is difficult to determine what action to take when there are many different paths to choose from. Thousands of years ago, the kingdom of Judah was in such a state, finding itself at a crossroad, facing peril and destruction which could only be averted by wise and prompt action.

Out of the clamor of counseling voices came the word of the Prophet Jeremiah:  “Thus says the Lord: Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls.”1

Let us consider the Prophet’s instruction:

First, stand in the ways and see.  This means deliberation.  When at a dilemma, it is not the time to rush into action which may result in choosing the…

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Ewwo Everyone, look what mummy made for me when I need or want my personal space and when it thunders I can hide away which is only a short jump from mummy’s side of their lovely soft big bed. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will do when no-ones looking, so mummy and pappy can’t find me hehehe 🙂 We could always play sharades mummy hehehe 🙂

But, mummy knows I like a lovelt soft cosy high place I can hide away and catnap miaowwwww



Thank you mummy looks lovely and cosy…


Mummy you’ve put squirrel there too…

And look Daisy May I have sprinkled some of your favourite valerian and catnip in there too. I also put your other pink fleece, the same as you have under the computer table in the living room. So you can snuggle up in your new cubby hole, hide away. We made sure you have somewhere to hide when it thunders, if it does, it well overdue, we know you can feel the thunderstorms coming Daisy May as you keep going wappy and chasing invisible mouses around the flat, being spooked indeed. Hopefully it will rain and thunder soon little one, so wevcan breath in some fresh cool air and the land will be watered, so we will hope and pray for the heavy rain and thunderstorms to come to us here in our small estate. We  know you are under the computer table catnapping time to wake you up Daisy May!



Well Daisy May its time for your super as it is 11.16pm already and is also time for your denal bites too, and need to put some ice cubes inmyour drinking water. Thamk you my mummy and pappy, I Love You very much Nightie Night Miaowwwwwww



Goodnight, Sleepies and good dreamies

Purrrrrrrrr   Purrrrrrrrr

♥ ♡ ♥






Ewwwo Everyone, we have been waiting all night for our much needed rain and thunderstorms 🙂 I sat in the window waiting most of the night and again this morning, we are all prepared for a lovely big thunderstorm. “But mummy where did it go? Did someone take it away or steal it for themselves lol.”

I think they probably did Daisy May, we were all restless overnight. We are so very proud of you our Princess Daisy May because normally cats don’t like thunder at all like fireworks too. Hopefully we will get some rain and thunderstorms tonight Daisy we will hope and pray 🙂

Daisy May, that was the doorbell, its our delivery with some of your favourite ice cream cones. They are made with skimmed milk so the ice cream will be kinder to your digestive system. So, mummy eats the chocolate from the top, and you love to enjoy licking the lovely cold ice cream to the top of the cone. And mummy eats the chocolate cone down a little way, enough for Daisy to lick her ice cream, her tongue gets right into the ice cream and bites the top of the ice cream too. Yummmmmmmmy mummmmmmy. As mummy eates some more of the chocolate biscuit cone until theres enough ice cream for our Daisy May. This is the last bite now Daisy May, would you like some more Daisy? Mmmmmmmmm mummy its all round my mouth mummy I couldn’t lick it fast enough yummmmmmmy mummmmmmy, I better lick my mouth and clean my whiskers so I can get every morsal mummmy. You can finish the Chocolate cone for me mummmmy.

Mmmmmmmmmm mummy thats so much better I feel a lot more cooler now and am purrrrrrrrrrrrring with ice cream pleasure and gone to heaven and back. “Mummmmmy can I have another Ice cream?”

Daisy May, I think you have had enough Ice Cream for today, maybe tomorrow if you are a good girl. “But mummy, I am always a very good girl” :):)

We know you are a very good girl Daisy May, you rest now for a while, have a catnap in the cool little one, because it is still 27 C degrees in the bebroom and 26.5 C degrees in the living room and hotter out side with the humidity at 90% this afternoon. 

Purrrrrrrrrry Purrrrrrrrrrry Pudddddddy Cat  >^o^< ♥ ♡ ♥

We love you very much our Princess Daisy May ♥ ♡ ♥
Mummy its to warm to do anything so am going to sleepies wake me up when its supper time purrrrrrrrrrr xxxxxxx